The Dream Nursery Contest: Third Place Winner | Pottery Barn Kids

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Pottery Barn Kids Dream Nursery Contest Third Place Winner
Hi I'm my name is Alicia and this is my son Luke's nursery.
Hi Luke, will you say hi? no okay.
well when we found out we were having a boy we were very exciting to go ahead and design this nursery.
he is the third, so what I did because I like the idea, a boy specific nursery or a girl specific nursery and I started with a very neutral color that I carried throughout.
with some core pieces that way my accent pieces I can could go either girl or boy with umm as you can see I started with this neutral green color that a family friend Debbie made this bed skirt.
and also a very neutral bumper I didn't have to change out in between children
I chose a green skirt for the table and also covered the chair in a green. Now in this corner over here.
I found two picture frames that fit the shape and size that I wanted to fill this corner with but they weren't in the right colors
with a little acrylic paint and some masking tape and I was able to create these picture frames to match the Pottery Barn elephant theme that I chose.
that is also through out. That I absolutely love these little elephants
I hung the curtains a little bit wider than the actual windows to make the window to appear larger and add more light to the room
and then the Pottery Barn stripe curtains, I took this theme and carried that on over into the letters that I hung above Luke's bed.
again acrylic paint and masking tape and took plain wooden letters and was able to create this and added some polka dots just to make this a little bit more interesting
now over here I had a interesting design challenge it was a little nook we went ahead an added some shelves and then added some boxes that we could keep Luke's mementos in. And then this piece of neutral fabric was hung to conceal the space behind it where I can hide his toys
and different things like that. The rug from Pottery Barn was used to tie the whole room together. And I thought that turnout really nice and kind of brings everything together.
Over here I have my little changing station, again an old piece from a thrift shop and changed the color to white. Used this to store diapers.
and up here a little wipes cover and then little containers to hold medicine and thermometers, things I want to keep out of the children's reach
and the last thing I am most proud of is this chandelier, it was a black chandelier to begin with, very inexpensive, painted it blue and added some custom lamp shades and then some shower hooks that I found at the store
and I thought that turned out really nice and I was very excited when I was finished.
Thank you for coming to the nursery I am so glad you got to see Luke's room and have a great day.