Ghost in forest / Призрак в лесу (18+) / Ghost in Woods

Uploaded by Samartan555 on 14.02.2012

- Hello
- Hello darling. Are you already going home?
- Yes
- Could you drop in to the cottage? I left my laptop there.
- Honey, it’ll take 12 miles!
...Why would you need??
...Today’s thursday, day after tomorrow we’ll be there and you will pick up it easily.
- Please, sweet, you know, the hen-party tonight and I want to show my cummers the photos we have taken in Thailand.
...You yourself moved the photos to laptop
- Why is this sigh? do not go on foot, you're going by car
...It’ll be easy to do!
- Honey, why did you only just remembered about this?
...If you remind me earlier, I would have time to drop in.
...You know perfectly that tonight is football cup on TV.
...yesterday we talked about it and we’re wondered how well all coincided:
...your hen-party and my football.
- Please, honey
- I’ll be late to the 1-st time when I go to your laptop
- Honey, please... I promised my friends showing our photos and I’ve forgotten that they are in the laptop.
...please forgive me. I’ll record your football!
- Record is not it.
- You may show the photos next time.
...they will not disappear.
- Sweet, honey, please! I need it today.
...Please, honey, please, please ...
- OK! OK! OK!
- I’ve turned to cottage.
...where is it?
- In small room on the table
- OK, bye!
- Thank you darling! Bye!