The Best and most effective way to have a Cheat Day on Beyond Diet

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Isabel: Hey guys, now welcome to part 2, if you missed part 1 you definitely want to watch
it, great information from John Romaniello, who is my trainer. And a lot of good information
youre going to be able to use right away. So today, were going to talk about cheat days,
there is so much information out there when it comes to cheat days, and I hate it when
people tell other people who are trying to get healthier and lose weight, that they should
eat pizza and donuts and these like ridiculous things on a cheat day. So I am not opposed
to a cheat day, okay, I actually implement one once a week, my own version of it and
what I love about what John teaches and what’s in your new program, is you actually say,
now remember it’s on page 22, I think…
John Romaniello: We changed the font so it might not be on page 22.
Isabel: Okay, okay, well, anyway when I read it, it was there and it says not to eat anything
that is going to completely make you feel like garbage or thats inflammatory or that
you know your body doesnt respond well to, thank you, like you should not be going to
fast food places on your cheat days.
John Romaniello: Yeah.
Isabel: So John, just tell us a little bit about your approach, when it comes to cheat
John Romaniello: So guys, I love cheat days, and I can go crazy on a cheat day, but I havent
had fast food from a fast food restaurant in 11 or 12 years.
Yeah, I just, its not something that I choose to do. So cheat day is not an excuse to damage
yourself, its a license to eat things that you want, but you should do all of that knowing
that, like drinking alcohol, you can have fun, and you can enjoy it but there may be
a price to pay. So if you are lactose intolerant for example, your cheat day probably shouldnt
have mostly ice cream, it can have a little ice cream, but it shouldnt be ice cream all
day, because thats, you know, whatever effects of fat loss you are going to get arent worth
the negative impact internally, maybe it would take days to recover from that.
Isabel: Yeah. You know, and you are not going to feel well, and then for some people it
just so hard to get back on a good regimen.
So, you know, and again, what we did in part 1 is we gave you information that you could
use, so Im going to give you an example of how I approach my cheat day. So for me its
sort of like a non-thinking kind of day, but I dont eat anything just like completely out
of chart.
So, I like to go out for sushi, and I don’t really think about whether it’s, sashimi
it has much rice and it doesnt, but I just eat whatever makes me happy on the menu, its
not anything completely ridiculous. And I eat until I feel good, I dont gorge myself,
this isnt the last day sushi is going to be on the planet.
John Romaniello: Right, right, that’s a huge thing. You know, my cheat day, Im a huge
football fan. And so if I go to a game, you know, I like to, you know, in New York, at
the Meadowlands where the Jets play, we have an unbelievable sausage and pepper sandwich.
And so, when I go to the game I get, I usually get one. And sometimes I’m tempted to get
a second or a third but, you know, I dont need to have my stomach uncomfortable and
to feel like crap, because I just like, its just because its your cheat day doesnt mean
that you need to stuff yourself. In fact, thats the main rule for cheat days, dont stuff
yourself. Eat something that you wouldnt normally eat, but dont eat two or three simply because
its your cheat day. You dont need to do that.
Isabel: Yeah. And people do that, because they are like, oh my goodness its going to
be over in like eight hours exactly.
John Romaniello: Yeah, its okay, you get another one next week.
Isabel: Yeah, yeah, so and thats the thing. Ill almost always have some kind of a dessert,
so if we do go out to lunch or dinner, my husband and I will share a dessert, so we
dont get this humongous, I mean, serving sizes now are just like so ginormous...
John Romaniello: Its so big oh its so scary...
Isabel: Yeah. So, well get a dessert, well share it, thats it. Again, it’s not the
last day on earth, and that I think is a great strategy for cheat days. So if youve been
wondering how to implement that, I would say once a week. For some people it works to do
the entire day, for other people it works to do just one meal, and I think cheat days
are good for your body and good for your brain, just kind of like a mental...
John Romaniello: Yeah. You just get to shut it off for a bit and just eat whatever. You
can go out to dinner, you know, it just, you dont have to go crazy, it doesnt have to be
an all day thing, sometimes one or two meals is enough.
And usually I find the best way to make cheat days work not only in terms of your diet,
spend it with friends who, you know, go out and do the things you wouldnt normally do.
So, you know, whether its going to a football game or hanging out a bar and eating some
wings, or you know, when its not football season, you know, my mother who is Italian
there is lasanga and to be able to actually enjoy that meal with her, you know, which
she like loves cooking for me. You know, as opposed to most days when I am not going to
eat a heavy pasta dish, thats something that not only do I enjoy eating, I also feel good
about it. And so make cheat days a way to increase the value of your social life and
I think thats a great way to...
Isabel: Yeah. Thats a good point, because it doesn’t always have to be on the same
day, it could be the day that somebody invited you over to dinner at their house, you dont
want to ask them to make modifications, youre just going to go, you're going to have a good
time, and you are just going to have whatever they serve.
John Romaniello: Exactly.
Isabel: So, I hope that, that was really helpful. Again, if you didnt watch part 1, make sure
to watch that as well, and stay tuned for part 3.