Battles of Warhammer Online 01/2012

Uploaded by Drragnorr on 21.01.2012

Look at them from balcony. I don't know, but I wouldn't stop here.
Come, come.
I am staggered.
Ok, I am at you
It's OK, they broke It.
Aaa warband rides below, we can't reveal ourselves to them now.
Yeah don't go down.
I have no flee! Not even stag! I want stag!
There are many, many
Still, there is a lot more destro.
But they are loosing.
Lot of PuG between them.
They flee.
I'll make a screen of that.
Why are you laughing?
Reagion chat.
Yea Mates in chat.
Now I see that.
something on the left, wizbat, ah elektro, elektro
well I am going to take a break this sucks
Yeah It's poor
These are bombers, bleh
Well It would suck, If we would be here completely alone against them
vice versa, if gigablob of order comes and bomb something
I go bomb too .)
Me too.
Well, I missed my chance.
Me too. There were nice morale push
Elektro, he's without guard.
And here they come.
And there will be morale dump. - Stagger.
Yep terrible morale dump.
Completely crazy. Simply five 100 slayers and they are fucked.
Destro does not have normal warband?
We are almost alone here. So pay attention.
Let's try Chosen?
He is quite good.
One of the best Chosens here
And there is also Tavel, well this will be some sc.
And Eliphace, that Black Guard, he is lowbie but tough as hell
But Kakac will go
That's certainty.
Why I used that pocket? -Jirell
I will knock him.
He is down
I have some sorc Zazaang, but he is close to their camp and running
I have some sorc Zazaang, but he is close to their camp and running
I will charge. - but I wil do full rotation on him.
And Black Orc
They will soon ride to our back.
Ostmar. -I will knock right away.
Now he has It.
Kick him.Kick him away.
He's flying. But not away .)
He's down. Good.
Stefania, she has resolute.
Sure, I ride her down like a pig. Good.
Push them.
She is so soft. -Turbo
Kakac in back. -Chosen is staggered.
But I have root.
I'm taking Draggnor.
They are up already. So watch out.
Going for Kakaowysz
Go for Fuinuri, change target.
Yes have It. -Good
Well that was fast
And let's go Stefania.
No, take zealot.
He is with them, with 13.
Dropping him.
Kick him! -absorbed everything
He is kicked.
And now I will knock him
I am rooted and can't get out. -he will get It from me
He is down. -he has me detaunted.
Medalex with us. -party before us.
Ostmar, no Medalex.
I'll exhaust.
Come to me, to me, Rokara, where are you?
I don't want to show them, that I'm squishy .)
I am kicked and I'll be under focus.
Ostmar starting on me, no, good.
Going for him.
No, they will kick me to gards. Stay with me.
I wouldn't fight here at all. Let's go all the way back.
There they have Kakacz.
I'm kicking orc. -dropping
They are slicing the second party.
Taking Draggnor
Ou I'm in bad position here. Using disrupt and running. -Jirell
He is knocked.
Nice Belga.
We need to kick her. Ideally now, if you can.
I kicked the guard. It doesn't matter. She cleansed herself.
They are on me.
Taking Blaazen.
They kicked me away.
We should go more back, because our 2nd group will not come to help us.
Using 4th.
Stefanie knock. - I had 34 hp.
Medalex knock. - we have to get away. - Inside, inside It will be more effective.
Their second party will come, but not ours.
To the left right now. - They are after me again.
Take him, take him. - I'm staggered.
Going after Moonfiend on bo.
Yeah I go too.
He is knocked.
I have Fuinuri on me, but she is weak.
She has got cooldowns.
I'm in playpen.
Yeah let's go back for Draggnor. Throw glue bomb there Belga.
I've got you - bomb is there.
I'll stagger Ostmar. Don't break It.
He has immunity.
Ou I am going down.
I'm at you.
Going with stagger. - I have parry. Come, come.
Stefania on the ground. They are staggered.
Ostmar is trying me. I have him detaunted, but I dont know if I can pull it off.