There's so much we don't know!

Uploaded by anubis2814 on 13.03.2012

There is so much that we don’t know therefore I have to believe in... you fill in the blank.
I have heard this argument so many times ad nauseum I want to yell. My Gf’s uncle used
this claim about ghosts. apparently a group of Christians found my channel recently and
they use the same claim with god saying my science can’t explain everything.
This argument from ignorance at one point in my life sounded so deep but if you actually
know enough about science you realize why it just makes you sound like an ignoramous
if you use it. True really is so much that we as humans do not know. What is dark matter.
What causes gravity. We understand how magnets work but not why. We don’t know how to treat
a myriad of diseases, We only have a fraction of the species on the planet categorized and
discovered. We don’t know many of the lost ancient languages or many things about the
ancient daily lives. However what people fail to realize is that
there really is so much we as a collective humanity do know. Take ghosts for example.
We know that the brain rewrites memories everytime they are accessed, and your memory is unreliable,
especially late at night when most ghost sightings occur. We know that people are very open to
suggestion especially if other people have told you that there were ghosts in the area.
If you believe that a house is haunted, any noise and enough reaccessing of the memories
can cause you to be certain you saw something supernatural because your memories wouldn’t
lie. We know that brain damage can completely alter
your personality, your memory your values and perspectives meaning that a change in
your biology can alter the very definition of essence a spirit or soul. If the personality
is all hard wired in matter, the chances of anyone living beyond and haunting the earth
are very low. We know that all cultures experience near death experiences, and we understand
how oxygen deprivation effects the brain including the probability of spiraling tunnel vision
causing the light at the end of the tunnel effect.
Using fMRI and sensory deprivation, suggestion and other illusionist tricks we can easily
recreate the feelings of spirituality and the sensing of a presence and we can see exactly
where in the brain these feelings and sensations arise. We have ghost hunters like Ben Radford
who after careful investigation have ended up finding the sources of ghosts as always
in the human brain and their wish by studying history or simple design flaws in housing
structures. The problem is that people don’t want science
to tell us what we don’t know. They want to remain ignorant of that because learning
about reality is complex and scary. What they want is for science to confirm what they already
think or believe and when it doesn’t there is always a backlash. It is why we don’t
have cable channels dedicated to all the branches of science. Can you imagine flipping on the
zoology channel, then the nanotechnology channel, the anthropology channel, and moving on to
the genetics channel. The physics channel, the computer science channel, the physiology
channel, and philosophy channel. Scientists and people of learning would be all be rock
stars in our society and people would aspire to be like them, the channel would bring in
more for their research instead of making them rich. Talk about real reality TV.
Instead we are relegated to a handful one field specific channels, history and Zoology.
History or course being the hilter and alien conspiracy channel, and discovery being the
cute zoology and mechanical things blowing up which I guess than nothing. If not for
PBS and the National Geographic channel and a few other minor ones there would be nothing
of scientific value here in the US. Most other channels instead give people sciency feelings
to help reinforce what people already believe, like getting people with high tech equipment
to run around an old house like morons and freak out. Especially since we know all of
the flaws that occur in the equipment. You guys actually trust a video camera or any
electronic device to collect data 100% when basic computers plague you with glitches every
day? But because of confirmation bias we assume
that what we see is exactly what we want to see. We know that basic interference in sound
recording can sound just like human speech really quietly. This may sound extremely improbable
unless you take into account the fact that sound recorders are engineered to record in
the frequency band for human voice. The fact that we know about biases and how our brains
work and we can correct for them is just amazing. The ability to know thyself is getting closer
and closer as we progress further into the future. It is both ego building and very humbling
at the same time. The problem is that most people don’t know
what science does know. There are so many complex new findings every year that we almost
need a 24 hour science news channel, with real scientists and not journalists, just
to keep people up to date on what science is doing and why it is doing it. My gf archyfantasies
is currently passing a petition around on her channel denouncing a artifact hunter show
on spike TV. Prior to meeting her and learning about her field of research I knew very little
about the field and what was involved. To be honest I probably would have been one of
the millions who would have enjoyed watching them tear up historical sites because I didn’t
know the first thing about soil types, stratigraphy, flood planes and context. Its not my field
of expertise. If an expert doesn’t do the digging all the valuable information about
the artifact will be lost and you will just have an artifact that you may or may not have
much knowledge about. I’ve worked with a girl who was actually
irritated by the fact that scientists had discovered new dwarf planets and extrasolar
planets and new periodic elements, because now the knowledge she had worked so hard to
learn in school was now wrong. And the facts she had learn before didn’t make her knowledge
wrong at all, just incomplete, but how dare scientists learn more and change reality and
truth on her as if the scientists had the magical ability to change reality. And she
is getting her masters in forensics. I was just floored. I’m pretty sure the job she
has will keep changing. Its as if some people anthropomorphize facts and then when those
factiods turn out to be wrong its like the death of a friend. If scientists anthropomorphize
anything, it is their field and they love watching their friends grow and mature with
time and learning all they can about them and their new steps into maturity.
People don’t know what they don’t know, to the point that they assume science hasn’t
ever tackled some questions. Ghosts have actually been dismissed by scientists because they
have done the research on it and found the evidence completely lacking beyond being in
people’s heads. Intercessory prayer has even been studied and a new study is done
every few years to increase the data set and no significant effect has been shown to be
caused by intercessory prayer. We have a theist who shows up to CFI and repeats over and over
that he wishes scientists were open to studying prayer. He has one study he clings to as proving
that prayer for others works, which our statistics expert saw was full of holes, not significant
and badly designed. When we do show him the data he rebutts with one study that he claims
didn’t use the right god, even though I KNOW for a fact that a member of the center
handed him a folder full of research he had done on the topic, and never heard back from
him on the topic. There is so much we don’t know yes but there
is so much we do know. Most people are probably completely unaware of what science doesn’t
understand. They also don’t understand what scientists don’t touch like belief in a
deity because faith requires belief without evidence and if you can’t prove or disprove
something then its not science. They are still tackling the issues science closed years ago.
Saying there is so much we don’t know therefore blank, translates to, I don’t know and I
don’t want to know or do research on it or find someone who does. Instead how about
we focus on what we can and do know and cheer on and support those who are discovering new
things everyday. If I mentioned something you didn’t know you didn’t know today
please, look into it and research it.