Wegmans Lyonnaise Potatoes

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 22.10.2011

Picking up a few ingredients today to make lyonnaise potatoes.
Now lyonnaise just means that this recipe is made with lots of onions.
Which one?
Well, you know, any time of year you can find a sweet onion.
Right now, Mayan Sweets are in season,
so those are the ones that I'm getting.
Butter potatoes are a perfect choice for this recipe
because they're moist and creamy with a natural buttery flavor
and they still hold up really well when they're sliced and cooked.
So, it's time to get cooking.
Okay, step one is to cook the potatoes.
I have in the pot about two pounds of Yukon Gold butter potatoes
and I cover those with cold water.
You want to always start it with cold water,
so they very gently cook from the outside in.
Add to that a tablespoon of salt, give it some flavor there.
I'm gonna bring this to a simmer
on medium, medium high heat,
but I won't let it boil.
I'm gonna reduce the heat to low and let it very gently simmer
until they're really nice and tender.
And that can take anywhere up to an hour, an hour and a quarter.
Okay, I've peeled and sliced all of the potatoes but one here.
So I left this one to show you how easy this is.
Once they are cool and fully cooked,
the skin comes off really very, very easily.
The worst that can happen is it gets a little sticky.
Sometimes if you have a little bowl of water by the side,
you can dip your hand in the water
and that helps prevent them from sticking a little bit.
Once you've peeled the potatoes,
you can either put them in a bowl
or you can put them on a baking sheet with some parchment paper
like I did here.
And the reason I did it this way is by separating them out like that.
They won't stick together.
In the skillet, I have--it's already heated to medium high
and I have a little bit of butter in there.
And once that's sizzling a little bit and totally melted,
I'm gonna start browning the potatoes.
So just add them to the skillet, don't crowd them.
And then you're gonna brown them on both sides
until they're golden brown, just lightly golden brown.
And you may have to continue adding more butter
'cause you're gonna do this in batches
and you don't want to overcrowd them,
so do them repeating this whole process two or three times
until all of your potatoes are nice and golden brown.
Okay, these are nice and golden on the other side,
so we're gonna continue flipping
until they're all flipped over and cook them on the other side.
Okay, this last batch of potatoes is done,
so now we're going to add the remaining butter to the skillet.
Now I'm adding my caramelized onions
and all I did to make those was slice those onions up
and brown them very, very gently
until they're nice and golden brown in some olive oil.
And once the butter is melted...
All right.
We're gonna add some minced, fresh thyme
to the skillet.
And then put the remaining potatoes
that have been browned
into the skillet along with the last batch.
Finally just give that a gentle toss
to stir all of these ingredients together.
If you want to, you can add
a little bit of salt and pepper for a little added flavor.
That's really up to you.
That's all browned, it's heated throughout.
It takes a little bit of time,
but the results are well worth waiting for.