ali boulala short tacky interview (eng subs)

Uploaded by najkeyNator on 30.05.2010

Ali : I need those to look extra cool
Ali : or are you planning to use my glasses
mark : you have to take em from me
mark : so mr boulala, how does it feel to be back in sweden?
ali: oh it's one of those interviews..
ali : well.. it's fun i suppose
mark : what do you think of this kind of contest, you have been all over the place.. seen anything like this ?
ali : yes.. and no.. i haven't seen this kind of contest
ali : i can't really speak of contests that hasn't happend yet.. but i like this obsticle right here, it looks pretty sweet
mark : you saw me doing a big ass ollie before, do you think theres anyone at this contest that can do cooler things than that?
ali : we can always hope
mark : which obsticle do you think will be the most to fun to watch, some mentioned the barrel jump
ali : yep, tony alva had guiness world record in barrel jumps
mark : do you remember what world records he has?
ali : 12 or 14 berrels.. we talk real barrels, and we are talking guiness record book
ali : i remember when i was younger, "there is skateboarding in guiness world record book".. it was alvas world record in barrel jumps
mark : if you were completly recovered today, which obsticle would you skate?
mark : you mentioned the barrel jump before
ali : i don't think i would waste my first day skateboarding on a barrel jump
mark : don't you think it would be nice beating alvas record
ali : yes of course, but not on my first day skateboarding
ali : maybe the spine, small rail..or something, you get more out of it
mark : you are going to be the judge at this competition, have you ben a judge before?
ali : ive been judge alot of times.. not alot but a couple of times..
ali : mostly junior competitions i think
mark : in this line of skaters, who do you tink would come out as a winner.. if you have to guess
ali : i haven't really seen the list of skaters yet, and i don't know whos going to enter..
ali : i don't have the courage to take a guess if the one i like don't show up
mark : i know there is alot of fans that wants to know if we are going to se you back on your board soon
ali : yes
mark : i know you are trying to get back
ali : in the time of being im still a little handicapped, if i don't get better i will not be doing any fliptricks
ali : just rolling, as of the state im in right now
mark : i think it's time to end this interview now, and best whishes goes to alis rehabilitation and hope to se him back on the board as soon as possible
mark : and that he doesn't do a complete judge scandal of grand olympics
ali : haha now everything is my fault if everything goes to shit