Why should I use a travel agent?

Uploaded by mexicobeachexperts on 26.03.2012

Janie Jones is jonesing for a getaway vacation at a just-right resort.
She even has a list of things that would make her trip picture perfect.
like great food, great service, great rooms, and a fabulous pool...
But she doesn’t want to spend too much. The discounts on those cool Internet sites
look enticing, so she chooses a resort that looks, well, just right.
But it turns out there were... just a few unwanted extras
like hidden costs for almost everything a nasty dose of food poisoning
and some extra guests in her room which meant Janie’s great getaway
kind of got away. Janie wishes she could have a do-over.
Because at Legacy Travel we know how to get you a great deal, so you’ll
usually pay the same price, or a better one... for a lot less heartache.
Our experienced agents are well known in the business.
We actually visit the resorts we recommend. We know their managers so you get the best
service possible. We even email them a few days before you arrive
to help make sure they look after you. And when you get back we call you so we can
keep up to date on what’s working and what’s not.
A great travel agent might sound “old skool,” but as it turns out, the human touch is still
the key to a great trip.
Janie knows what to do next time. Instead of talking to her desktop, she’ll
talk to one of our agents to plan a vacation she’ll never forget.
Real People. Real Memories.
Real Value. That’s Legacy Travel