A Christmas TREE Story

Uploaded by MOnatureKids on 15.12.2010

MUSIC VIVALDI GAYLA: Whoa that's a lot of trees!
BRANDY: This is a tree farm. People come here to cut their own Christmas trees.
GAYLA: Wouldn't it be easier to use an artificial tree?
BRANDY: As if. You can't beat the real thing.
BRANDY: Plus it's a renewable resource that you can recycle.
BRANDY: Most artificial trees are made with plastic, which comes from oil and is not renewable.
BRANDY: Once it's gone, it's gone.
SON: What about this one? DAD: I kind of like it.
BRANDY: Josh and Jadrian and their parents come here every year for their family Christmas tree.
BRANDY: It takes a lot of looking to find the perfect tree that everyone can agree on.
BRANDY: The owner of the farm said that this is poor land to grow most things on.
BRANDY: But these trees do great and they keep the soil from eroding,
BRANDY: like it would if nothing was planted here.
TREE FARM OWNER: The beauty of a Christmas tree operation
is that when you harvest a tree you can plant another one.
TREE FARM OWNER: So you keep a constant green vegetation growing.
TREE FARM OWNER: And that's important. FAMILY CHEERS
TREE FARM OWNER: The fact that we harvest means that people can make a living off this land.
TREE FARM OWNER: It's not just there to look at and preserve forever.
TREE FARM OWNER: There's no reason why we can't harvest and still have a perfect environment.
SON: Mom we found a tree.
BRANDY: Josh and Jadrian's family have found their tree.
BRANDY: And now they get to cut it down and take it home.
DAD: Here it comes.
DAD: Did you have fun today? SON: Yes.
BRANDY: While the farm wraps it up, they hang out by the fire,
BRANDY: and warm up until the wagon comes to take them back.
BRANDY: Now all that's left is the decorating. MUSIC