Pinoy Jokes Season 2 : Telepono (with English subtitles)

Uploaded by MegaToonTV on 09.09.2012

It's the first day at work for Elbis as the new Manager.
He was told by his secretary that there's someone waiting outside for him.
and this is what happened:
OMG! my first day as a Manager, hmmm what does manager do?
I know! Managers must always look busy, I must let people wait.
That's what my managers do to me before.
hmmm.. how do I let him wait?
Ahhh I got an idea!
I'll pretend to be busy talking at the telephone!
ya, that's right!
come in.
Wait for me.. have a sit, I just need to take this call.
Hello buddy, let's do the deal, I'm interested buying it..
hahaha, I guess he's jealous of someone like me being a manager..
I think I stalled him long enough.. time to talk to him.
ah.. ahem* What can I do for you?
Sir, are you the new manager?
Yes I am.
I'm the technician sent here.
I'm a phone technician and I'm here to connect a line on your phone so you could use it.
So are you done using it?