Karlena, Mother - It gets better...today

Uploaded by stonewalluk on 05.11.2010

My name’s Karlena and I’m a parent.
And I’m giving this message today because I think it is
important that children are taught in school about being inclusive.
My daughter is more than likely, going to meet other children
who come from all different types of families and children from
from same sex families as well. I don’t want this to be a shock for her.
I want her to have grown up understanding that not all families are like her own.
Having said that obviously, it should be pitched at the right age
for our children, but also I think that it does, the responsibilities
lies a little bit with parents as well, so I think it’s important, as
parents, that we talk to our children about the differences that
are out there. Because we are just equipping them with
knowledge for the future which will help them get through life,
and that is what we want for our children, as parents.
It gets better today and we can make it happen.