DEEP DIVE #1 - Smarter Every Day

Uploaded by destinws2 on 22.05.2012

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Hey it's me Destin. Welcome back to
Smarter Every Day. So today I'm laying tile in my house and in order to do so I have to make
all these intricate cuts to lay the proper foundation. Now, it's pretty
challenging but many people have done this over the years and I'm just the next one to come along,
much like helicopter physics. Now helicopter physics as you've
learned over the last few videos is pretty complicated. But what you haven't thought about is how these
principles were learned in the first place. So today what I'm gonna do is start a
playlist called the deep dive. Now the deep dive is pretty simple. All you have to do is
click this playlist and you're gonna start on a journey that's about the length of a normal TV show.
The difference on the deep dive is that you're gonna learn things at an incredible rate.
So all you have to do is start the playlist, sit back,
and absorb all this knowledge. Now we're gonna go back through the physics
of helicopters that we've learned here, but we're also gonna learn how these principles were
learned. It's often pretty interesting. So while I get back to laying the foundation
you go ahead and take the deep dive. You're getting Smarter Every Day.

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Oh, One thing I forgot to tell you.
If you're a mobile user you might not be able to click the annotation so you have to click the link in the description
below. I'll see you after the jump.
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[ Captions by Andrew Jackson ]