Deathly Hallows Part 2 & Lemonade Mouth 2 -- Everything That Really Matters - Ep. 13

Uploaded by dreammining on 05.08.2011


LILLY: What’s up?? It’s time for a totally new, totally cool episode of
The Rundown of Everything that Really Matters.

SARH: Yeah, is that why you’re here? Cool!
LILLY: I’m Lilly

SARAH: And I’m Sarah. So, we’re here at Dream Mining Academy,
broadcasting from our student studios.
And if our lovely principal is watching, I just want to say I am not the
\one who ran your lucky ___ up the flag pole.
That was not me.

LILLY: Oookaaay, let’s jump right into the stuff that matters.
HARRY POTTER. Am I right, people??? OMG times a million.
I may see this movie a hundred more times, if not more.

SARAH: What? Is there a new
Harry Potter movie or something?

LILLY: Sarah, please put your sarcasm on hold. You know
you love Harry.

SARAH: Yeah, yeah. I do. I just don’t like seeing you so obsessed.
You waited on line all night for tickets... Seven times.
The security guard at the movie theatre knows you by name now.

LILLY: Larry? Aww, he’s
so nice.

SARAH: Okiedokie. [to camera] Well, guys, how many times are you gonna see
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2.
Log onto DreamMining and tell us. Good luck out-doing Lilly.

LILLY: It’s the laaaast
one! Give me a break!

SARAH: All right, let’s talk about other stuff.
There’s a Lemonade Mouth sequel in the works. That’s pretty cool.
What do you think’s gonna happen?

LILLY: Omg, I want to see Charlie and Mo fall in
looove, for realsies.

SARAH: But what about Scott??
I want to see what happens between Olivia and Wen--they are too cute.  
I bet the next movie will be about them dealing with fame.

LILLY: What do you mean “dealing”
with fame? I can deal with fame.
What? Sign a few autographs? Be rich and ride around in limos? Please.
Piece of cake. Lilly Joss is ready.

SARAH: But people would recognize you everywhere
you go.
Do you want people screaming your name while you’re buying socks at Target?

I know! You can be my assistant, and you’ll buy my socks.
Problem solved.

SARAH: Yeah, that’s gonna happen. I’ll be your stylist. MAYBE.
But I’ll probably be too busy designing fashions for really big celebrities
to buy your socks.

LILLY: Pretty please?

SARAH: Okay maybe. guys, that’s it for today,
log onto DreamMining and tell
us in a blog post what you think about the last Harry Potter movie and what
you want to see happen on Lemonade Mouth 2.

LILLY: Yeah, bye guys!!