Justin Bieber Boyfriend - Official Music Video - ArielleIsHamming Recap

Uploaded by DanceOn on 07.05.2012


I'm back again for a formal review of Justin Bieber's
"Boyfriend" video.
Now finally seeing the entire video, I
have two initial thoughts.
One, did he know he was acting a bit like Michael Jackson
during the silhouette scene in the first 15
seconds of the video?
And two, did he know the rest of his entire video looked
exactly like 'N Sync's "Girlfriend" video from 2002?
So the video starts out looking exactly like the
teasers, all sexy and blue and cool.
And then randomly, these two girls are sitting in their car
watching Justin Bieber's video on their phone.
Then it just stops for no reason, and the video starts
all over again in a different but familiar setting.
Come on, 'N Sync fans!
You know what I'm talking about!
I'm going to try my best to assume that the Biebs did this
on purpose because of the titling of the songs, his
being "Boyfriend," 'N Sync's being "Girlfriend." Because
honestly, the video is almost identical.
Same scenario, guys and girls hanging out together in a
parking lot, flirting, chatting it up, hanging out in
their cars, sitting on top of cars.
It's same time of day and lighting.
And oh my god, I can't believe it!
Even the girl with the fro is there!
Look at her.
There she is!
Oh my god, it's the same girl!
I mean, the only thing that's really a bit different is the
fact that Biebs is dressed a little bit like a pimp.
I mean, really?
Who wears a bracelet like that to a parking lot?
Oh you know, I'm just gonna stay a little bit and leave my
hand up in the air for no apparent reason at all other
than for you to see my bling.
So yeah, let's just all act like this was a big tribute to
'N Sync with Biebs dressed as a pimp, with the first 30
seconds having no relevance to the rest of the video.