Husbands: Behind the Scenes EP 2

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We are in an insane house here in the Hollywood Hills.
It's got layers of like, weird industrial stuff like... maybe you can capture this...
this air, this weird, metal...
vent-y duct-y thing above me. Like... there's all this exposed beam...
steel beam stuff mixed in with old Chinese elements
Gothic stuff and then a layer of modern IKEA
And the rooms are all strange shapes,
with three different levels full of crazy, crushed velvet furniture.
And it's got a pool and a deck, that we're... we're gonna be using the deck in our show.
It's a moving high deal that basically just shows us
the sweep of this pretty, pretty location in a way we haven't seen it yet.
Oh, it's got this glass bridge...
Look, down there. Actors.
Isn't that amazing? I would definitely want that in my house.
It's fantastic. And we got it at a bargain rate which is good
because we're trying to do this as inexpensively as we can.
We don't have big TV budget.
What if we just had curtains on this window,
that window and those two windows and left this one open.
All of that mishegoss, the craziness of
the table read and getting the house...
and planning the shots and everything; we got in there and we started shooting
and we shot...
almost in order.
Today we shot the first scene of the entire season.
We come off this fog-shrouded look at Hollywood
And then we come across the iconic zebra.
This is 'Rachel the Zebra'
that was introduced in season one of 'Husbands';
a very memorable prop.
And this...
was a gift from a fan
when Cheeks first got his puppy, Beau.
And Cheeks brought it in and placed it here
so that people would be able to see that we use and love
the gifts that people that give us, so... thank you!
We find our two guys in bed...
Cheeks with one hand cocked back.
He's been asleep with his cellphone,
which I thought was just a lovely detail.
I gotta finish prepping myself, you know, like...
whitening the teeth... manscaping...
to get ready to be photographed practically naked.
Too penis-y? Okay, let's see the... let's take a look.
Is that good?
And we see these two guys that we haven't seen in a year and...
they're still very much in love.
- We're excited! Yeah! - So in it!
We're so married right now!
And then the problems begin.
- Wait, you're not gonna post that... - ZHOOM!
All I had to do was to go up to Sean and say "Ricky Ricardo"
and he starts to give that wonderful exasperation
that he does so well. Because he's married to Lucy.
The fact that Lucy Ricardo was so crazy didn't mean...
that all women were...
- crazy. - Well, and not only that, she was...
crazy in a sense we can all relate to
because what she wanted was to be a star. She wanted to be...
y'know, she wanted to grow beyond her modest means.
And she didn't like that her husband got all the attention.
Cheeks, a picture like that it...
it might draw bad attention.
Bad attention.
You're so funny, sweetheart.
There was a couple takes were like, "alright, we're warming up."
But once I got into the groove of Brady again
it was like, "let's do this, it'll be a fun day". A fun shoot. I'll feel like...
"eight days from now... it will be shot, and how fast it all went."
And then, sad. Because it'll be over, but...
anyway, we're on day one! Let's be excited about that!
There was a scene very cleverly staged, with...
Cheeks chasing Brady up the staircase.
Now the interesting thing you may not know, go back and re-watch the scene,
the entire scene is looped.
The entire... all the dialogue was dubbed in after.
No, don't do that. Because then you won't be able to see anything other than that
once you know.
But it means you go back and you re-watch.
We want people to go re-watch and to feel like they're part of the process.
Yeah, but then it throws you off every time. You're like,
"Oh, yeah this is the part where... now I can tell! I can hear it." It kills the fun.
- Oh, I... Okay, well... - Don't go- Don't go re-watch it.
If one were to... Okay.
It's done so flawlessly that you would never even notice,
but I think it's a fascinating peek behind the scenes the fact that
that because, of course, their feet were thump-thump-thump'ing up the stairs,
it was on top of the lines. So, the lines were re-recorded.
You want me to be Anderson Cooper.
I mean, y'know... if he were gay.
- How 'bout that Anderson Cooper, dude? - How 'bout Anderson Cooper?
I mean, come on. He didn't come out for like, what?
- Forty some years? - Waits forty-five years, and...
And he couldn't have waited three more months?
Like, "Thanks for asking us, Anderson Cooper."
If maybe we have other plans. God.
So, yeah. So we had just locked that...
- that scene. - Like three days before.
- Yeah, and then Anderson Cooper... - Like, "this is locked. This is official."
It was too late to take it out.
Because the score was meant to be a certain length, and things for fit it
and so we couldn't take it out.
Also, it's a very funny joke if Anderson Cooper...
if you imagine the world in which Anderson Cooper hasn't come out.
And the thing is if you cut the additional "if he were gay", it works, y'know?
You wouldn't have to cut the whole joke. You could just...
cut one part and make it relevant, but...
we couldn't do that, Anderson Cooper.
We're about to start shooting the...
supplemental pillow fight...
that takes place within the world of Husbands as Cheeks and Brady are watching TV.
This innocent, fun night turned a little sexy!
I am doing a little of, sort of...
faux cameo...
about a college dorm, and...
and it contains a pillow fight
There's a scene where Brady is talking to his agent
and the agent is explaining to him that homosexuality is unacceptable on television.
You know I'd gay-march on hepatitis-infected glass to change things.
But the fact is, homosexual, just not marketable.
As he is saying this, we have set the shot so that in the background...
we see this...
this lesbian pillow fight.
You stop!
It's about the double standard: y'know, two chicks making out is hot,
but two guys doing it is pushing your corruption
and sin into my face.
- Take that! - Good shot!
People look at me and they really think I'm funny.
My boyfriend thinks I'm funny, but that's about it.
And Tricia and Dichen were totally game.
Beyond game.
It was really funny, I was talking about how today was all about
girls in lingerie, boys in their underwear.
So I'm really up...
Any same-sex film...
I pretty much now have a real good demo reel for.
- Oh my goodness, this is too... - Thank you.
kind of you.
Tomorrow's a big day.
Got a lot of new cast members.
Lot of pieces. Gonna be really interesting.
Amber Benson is here.
They're getting her ready right now.
I'm a very angry suburban mom.
I don't think she has a name. She's just angry.
You're supposed to be able to trust baseball players, but what did this one give us?
Huh? Huh?
- Smut! - I get to sort of, like,
lambaste the boys for being all in love and married and stuff.
And we have...
Sasha Roiz.
I'm in charge of craft, as you can see I came in early to set-up some
breakfast burritos and so on. It's been a good day.
I'm glad Jane and Cheeks invited me to be a part of this.
They know how strongly I feel about catering a breakfast, and...
So, you know, it's been a bit of thing and...
And here I am! It's going well.
I had one...
line, which I like to think...
this particular episode hinges on.
Over here! Over here. Come here! That's it. You know your angles! Come here.
It really is sort of the spine of the episode, that...
that one line. And I think we got it. I think we definitely got what we needed.
- Good to see you again. - Good luck this year, guys.
And Emma Caulfield
was hysterical.
And we gave her a purple dress to wear...
because she didn't have anything in her wardrobe
that would work against the green screen.
Because her wardrobe is entirely neon green.
There tends to be a sense of collaboration in the web world, that if you can help...
and be involved in someone else's project...
you do.
And so it's a nice little community
So the idea is these are three quick pops of interviews
And then the joy will be that...
Oh look at the interviewer with one line,
They're a familiar, wonderful, sci-fi recognizable face.
And another one of our guest stars who...
plays totally against type is Felicia Day.
I... do a lot of web series.
The Guild, and...
those of you who saw her in 'Doctor Horrible' know how amazing she was in that.
This, I think, is a cut above...
all the other web series so I'm really happy to...
at least, come in and do a small part.
Eat some pizza in a suggestive way.
When Felicia said she would be able to do it, I remember...
sitting down and thinking...
"What can Felicia do?"
"What can Felicia do? She can deepthroat some pizza."
She can deepthroat pizza.
Like, "It's gonna be funny, right? You'll be funny 'cause...
you'll be 'funny sexy', no matter... You're gonna get what you get.
I'm sorry. I'll try to look pretty. "
We were losing the light, it was...
Yeah, it was a race against time. We had like...
literally ten minutes or less...
to get that before the sun went down.
What I want are close-ups of the face, the shoes, the pizza...
The goal was to glam her out a little bit
as this woman who has an unnatural love for pizza.
I do not do sexy, so I'm like, "I don't know what's gonna happen!"
I think my favorite part about working guest stars
is being able to put them in something that is so anti
"who they are". And having Joss as...
as "The Suit"...
And Joss provided his own wardrobe, as did many of our people.
It was so funny to see Joss show up with wardrobe option.
"Here are my options." I'm just like, "Whaaat?"
I gotta run, I'm "Audi girlfriend." Pride.
Today is Alessandra Torresani's day.
We are so grateful that she has somehow has found her way back to us.
I assume you used a trail of breadcrumbs.
I am playing Haley.
Cheeks' best friend. And Brady's...
forced new...
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