Foul ball Paul baseball card autograph collection of 1.5 million signed cards

Uploaded by myosource on 06.10.2012

Greg: Hey, it's Greg Pryor here at the Mirage in Las Vegas. I'm with Foul ball Paul. Paul
and I met on the Internet and I didn't know I was probably meeting one of the best baseball
collectors in the world. Today we meet here outside the Mirage and Paul brought me some
cards to sign. I signed those inside, now we are out in the sun and Paul dropped me
40 of my cards as a gift and I really want to thank you. Tell the fans a little bit about
your collection and how many cards you have and what you do with them.
Paul: I am the Guinness Book world record holder for the most baseball cards owned by
a person, not a business. I have over 1,500,000 baseball cards and counting. I am a private
collector and I don't sell and I here to get Greg Pryor to sign his baseball cards for
me and on a baseball and he's a great ball player and a legend in the game of baseball.
Greg: Yeah, it's really good that he wore his Royal shirt and Paul I want you to stand
up. Take a look at the back of his shirt here. Got that in Spring training against Prize
Arizona, okay you can sit down again. Yeah, we've got a collection of cards here. Paul's
got a bunch of cards that I have signed for him and he's off to find another ball player
and get more signatures I think, huh Paul? Paul: I'm going to go over to Caesars Palace
and go get Pete Rose at Field of Dreams. Greg: It's great to be here. Thanks Paul.
Paul: Welcome.