Weight Loss Challenge Week 4: Increase Metabolism

Uploaded by GoodNutritionForYou on 27.11.2012

Do you maintain a stable and appropriate weight? Hi I’m Luigi Gratton, Vice President of
Nutrition Education at Herbalife and if you aren't quite happy with your answer to this
week’s question, you need today’s lesson. Now we are going to discuss your metabolism.
Now for those of you don’t know what metabolism is, it’s the rate in which your body burns
calories in order for you to breathe, support blood circulation, maintain organ function,
and extract energy from your food. You see your body burns calories much like a car burns
fuel but as most of us are painfully aware some cars just don’t get the miles per gallon.
So how do we start burning calories faster? Well a common misconception is that your genes
determine your metabolic rate. In fact, we often blame our slow metabolism for our inability
to keep our weight under control but the truth is that your metabolism is completely in your
control. Now I don’t mean that you should eat a grapefruit with every meal, that’s
a myth. What will increase your metabolism is high protein and low calorie diet accompanied
by regular exercise. You see, protein helps by adding muscle mass and cutting calories
helps by reducing fat. Every pound of fat free mass in your body burns about fourteen
calories per day and that’s just at rest. Now it’s true that your metabolic rate will
slow down a bit when you cut calories. Your body will try to conserve the fuel it has
when it knows that it has less of it. We can off-set this small change however with exercise.
Engaging in thirty minutes of activity every day is proven to minimize weight and maximize
your metabolic rate. For added nutritional support, try Herbalife’s Herbal Tea Concentrate,
a dietary supplement that can boost your energy as you change your diet. It tastes great,
hot or cold and comes in a convenient ready to mix powder. Also try Herbalife’s Total
Control Tablets as a compliment to your new weight management regimen. Total Control dietary
supplement contains green tea and many other powerful herbs to boost your energy level
and may help you burn more fat throughout the day. For more information about how Herbalife
products can help support your metabolism, you can speak to your wellness coach. This
concludes this week’s topic of discussion. I’m Luigi Gratton reminding you to reeve-up
your daily regimen and put your metabolism to work for you.