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Hold on a second.
What's going on?
He's off his meds. He's manic. When I wouldn't tell him where you were he went off on me big time.
Who're you called? The police. Don't. I'll deal with him.
How? I will.
Like you made a clean break? I stopped seeing him. And then he got-- 9 00:57:,02 --> 00:01:01,01 He got into a fight a with a junkie on skid row. He works in a homeless shelter, helping people
He's an addict. He just got his stomach pumped again. Enough.
Tell him not to come here.
Right now please.
Robbie, don't come over.
You look like shit, by the way.
That seems to be the general consensus. I'm going to go take a nap. Let me know if you need anything. Kay.
What the hell, V? Someone's at the door.
Surprise, it's Robbie.
Open the door for God's sake! Uh, no.
Will you behave yourself? No.
Well, will you give me the key back to my apartment? Nope.
Get out of here.
You look good.
Man knows how to make an entrance.
I'm going to be late. I'm sorry about all this.
Oh it's not everyday that a homeless psychopathic drug abuser enters your home, upchucks immediately, and then passes out on the floor of your apartment.
I'm starving. You're hungry? Ravenous.
Ok, I'll make you eggs just the way you like them, and then you'll go home.
Oh, sleeping beauty has awoken. Aren't you late for class? Yes.
Make 'em with peppers, and tomatoes, and cheese. Yes.
Now you're hungry? I'm out of here. Then you'll go home. I don't have anyplace to go.
Well, you can't stay here.
It's good to see you. You might want to clean up just a tad.
You have amazing abs. Thank you Robbie, you made my day.
Just for a couple days. I can't do that do her.
And what about me?
You can't stay here.
Don't act like you're cold and uncaring, ok? I know you. I'm learning how to be cold and uncaring.
You've got a long way to go in that department, kiddo.
Look, we're like this, ok? When you hurt, I hurt. You're not staying here.
What are these?
A project I'm working on.
You shot them? No, I'm an assistant to Mel Karpova, remember?
What are they for? A book of women's faces after they've made love. It's called "afterglow."
I like it. Just they way you like 'em.
It's a cool idea. It's the one time when a woman can't fake it, you know. You used to shoot women so well.
It's just a hobby.
No, you're the real deal. You have such an eye. You taught me everything.
You should do your own book. You're as good as these. You're better than this. What is it? You're distant.
No Mr. Right today for Jan, huh? No one delivering the message downtown?
Don't be vulgar. I'm just teasing you.
Isn't it strange when a woman and a man have had an intimate history? Your eggs are getting cold.
I mean you can sit there an pretend like you don't know or that you don't remember, but you do. Your body does. Your body has its own heart, its own soul, its own memory. And it cannot be repressed, its unruly. It goes its own direction.
Are you going to explain polymorphous perverse to me again?
If you want.
Everyone has all the instincts in their subconscious at all times; the good, the bad...
and the horrible.
This is really good, um, do you want me to go make you your special coffee?
I want you to go, please.
Go where, Jan? Where am I supposed to go?
I didn't come here to make you cry. Why'd you come then?
You're my last stop. You were my first and now you're my last. �