Penny Auction Website - Kudu Bids: Getting Started

Uploaded by kudubids on 03.08.2012

Getting started with Kudu Bids is simple, fun and fast! All auction prices increase
by only one penny with each new bid that is placed. To view details of an item, select
the "View Auction Details" link or simply click on the item image.
With each bid that is placed under 30 seconds, the auction timer is reset. If you are the
last bidder when the timer reaches zero, you are the winner of the auction! Just pay the
final sales price plus shipping cost and your item will be delivered directly to you in
a few days via our shipping partners.
In addition, if you did not win the auction you can purchase the item at the retail cost
using our buy it now feature and any bids you used in the auction will be credited directly
to your account instantly.
With the ability to never completely loose on an auction, Kudu Bids is the leader in
proving a honest, fair & risk-free online shopping experience. Thank you for watching
this video and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience at!