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you are here?
your hyung is won san ji, i don't accept anyone
thing of it as comunity leader charity
[> mouth isn't loosened up yet. practising pronunciation <]
minwo imitates youngmin
just laugh...
how is it.. the posture
[> scene where they are watching by only sticking their heads out<]
it's cute to watch but
ahh~ jungmin is about to die
[> eating waffle in the middle of this <]
boss~ hyung, please come out~
[> kwangmin is using the time gap to attack the waffle <[
[> naturally exits <]
this is coffe prince...
ah.. forgot..!
[> minwoo giving kwangmin the lines <]
i knew this would happen.
[> the member re-shoot <]
this is coffe prince
if you're here to work.. as you can see..
[>must've ate his lines along with the waffle? <]
you're fired! fired!
the waffle is to yummy
so.. sorry i didn't know anyone was in here..
oh sorry.. this is too awkward~
[> 2nd take~ aah.. awkward!! <]
i'm in trouble this time.
3rd take. donghyun exploded him self from the awkwardness
usually difficult to hear. the leader's laugh!
[> frustated boss <]
cause i have to say 'ding dong' seriously.. 'ding dong'
should we try it once?
[> donghyun intercepts and takes over minwoo's line <]
boss. once
boss, why you so nice to me?
why do you think~?
this is hard hyung.
[> donghyun fixing and trying minwoo's apron <]
blasting awkhardness from the start
[> donghyun is about to act after hardly getting into the right emotion. <]
sneeze~ >,<
mi... minwooo..
if you're with someone
you pretend you don't know after putting cream on your lips?
that's dirty
[> youngmin profesionally reciting lines <]
and then..?
what do i do from here?
[> again even though it is cheesy! <]
this is the forehead kiss?
back of head is dying from awkwardness
[> kwangmin covering donghyun eyes with a towel <]
the towel somehow awkwardly
towel covering is not easy as it seems
speed failure.. the towel passed donghyun head!
throw it?
too far..
the dust is everywere~
it doesn't matter whether your not normal or an alien..
i don't like guy
this is so disgusting, i should beat you up or someting!!!
minwoo is seriously in character with emotion
why are you like that,, take it easy..
i'm the leader~