Rockwell Collins - STEM Video Contest

Uploaded by ChangeTheEquation on 23.11.2010

And then, when we walk into the middle of the deep, dark cave, we see a silver ball
spinning and floating in front of us. It's the orb of knowing. Suddenly, it shifts out
beams of light. When the light hits you, and in a flash you get bigger and bigger until
you're all grown up. Uh oh, the ground is shaking. You can tell that something outside
of the cave is coming. It's too dangerous to go out there yourself, so the orb makes
a plane appear. Send it to scout the area. You give it the order and it takes off. You
and the plane can talk through the super gadget you have on your arm. The plane tells you
that it sees a monster making its way to the cave. Whoa, look out! The monster sees your
plane! Enemy fire! It shoots at the plane and knocks off one of the wings. Take that,
monster, the plane doesn't need two wings to land. But now the plane tells you that
the monster is almost to the mouth of the cave. It's going to close you up inside if
you don't get out right away. Think fast. You tell the orb to make a flying car. You
jump in and swoop out of the cave. The monster has one last trick for you. It whips up a
giant cloud so thick that you can't see a thing out your window. It looks like you're
going to crash. I don't think so. You have laser vision that can see though anything
in the sky. You zoom away, leaving the monster shaking it's fist at you screaming in it's
gravely voice. -Cool! When I get big, could I make stuff
like that for real? -Sure, Mom does it every day at work.
-How? -It's all just Math and Science.