Alejandro & Diego - Part 13

Uploaded by alegoTV on 12.07.2012

You're high.
You're like a fountain. You can't stop sweating.
How can you? How can you get high on the day of Rodrigo's funeral?
How do you think I feel?
Like a dog!
No ...
I gave Rodrigo that pill.
And look at him.
But I also took it ... and nothing happened to me.
The three of you were in a very bad shape.
What came next was too much.
Okay, yeah. We made a promise not to talk about it.
That video never existed.
If Rodrigo and Sebastian's dad finds out about that ...
You know where I'll end up?
In jail!
That will not happen.
We've deleted the video.
Now neither Rodrigo nor Oswaldo can say anything about it.
It's only between you and I, so calm down.
Between you and I ...
But He up there knows it all.
We can't lie to that one.
Neither you nor I.
Are you alright?
You look kind of pale.
Losing a child ...
Is the hardest test a parent can go through.
We feel great love towards Rodrigo that ... we probably tried to revive it together.
Something like that, don't you think so?
I think you're right.
You're a beautiful girl but ... - But I was your brother's girlfriend.
Sebas ...
It's good we stopped it and didn't do something crazy and betray his memory.
Rodrigo loved you a lot.
He'd always talk to me about you.
We were really good friends, sir.
To me ... he was like ... like a brother.
You know ...
I missed a big part of his final years.
And now he's gone forever.
I'm not going to make the same mistake twice.
Sofia, I think it's time for me to leave.
This is something very intimate and I didn't even get to meet Rodrigo.
I know ... Thanks for accompanying me.
You have no idea how much I loved him. He was so special, so sensitive.
You know ...
Sometimes you remind me of him.
Look, this thing with Max is over.
Honestly, it don't think it even started.
You broke up with him ... because of what he did to me?
Your girl finished with you to have fun with Cachu.
Look at my nose.
It broke in a fight, just like what Diego told us happened to him.
But they broke mine in two, yeah.
Here ... and here.
But I don't give a damn.
I'm cured now. You know what I feel like doing now?
Give it to that Afro-Latino. Break his nose!
Just to for sheer annoyance. - Calm down, Gonzalo.
Put your hands down, come back to Earth. You're crazy! Sebastian's dad is like a cop!
Do you fancy some?
What I fancy is you, my princess.
Enough Gonzalo!
Are you rejecting me?
Look, either you calm down or I'll take you by the ears. Gonzalo! - Okay, okay.