Mount Holyoke College Must-Dos

Uploaded by MountHolyokeCollege on 23.05.2011

Greer Gibbons '14: My recommendation for a must-do Mount Holyoke experience is to wake
up around 5:30 or so and go to the Delles hill and roll down it a couple of times and
see if you get a new perspective on anything you've been reading.
Laura Kotz '11: Definitely to go to Dessert Dilemma at Prospect and eat way
too much ice cream and warm cookies and brownies and put way too many toppings
on and feel sick afterwards, but know that it was definitely worth it.
Diana Martinez '11: I do recommend taking a trip to Boston or New York. It's really
easy to just get a Peter Pan [bus] or to just hop on one of the field trips that Mount Holyoke
offers. And I totally, if you're into musicals, I recommend going to New York and getting
a student-price ticket. I was able to see Bernadette Peters from the second row for
only like $26. I recommend taking advantage of the area.
Rebecca Engell '11: Something everyone should do before they graduate is walk around the
lake, including going up to the horse stables and petting the horses or watching a horse show.
Tempest Bowden '13: One thing I think people should do before leaving Mount Holyoke is
learn about community-based learning. A nonprofit organization in Philadelphia
bridged the gap between public schools in Philadelphia and college, and they tutored
us and they taught us this new sport squash and that, to me, is dear. It's dear to me,
like, that's my life. I guess that's why community-based learning is important because
I saw what it did for me. And I believe that it can do so much more in this country.
Brigid Hurn-Maloney '11: I would say take an art class, no matter what. I challenged
myself to take a drawing class, just to see if I was good at it. I wasn't, but at least
I tried it. And you should definitely take at least one art class.
Stephanie Dunaj '11: You must ...
Allyson Chew '13: Pull an all-nighter with friends in the Kendade "bubble rooms."
Nika Meyers '11: Walk up to the top of the Delles hill to visit the Student Garden and
get involved in our harvest festivals, which are in, during the fall.
Stephanie Dunaj '11: Take the trays from Blanchard and sled down the Delles hill. And you're
going to go really fast, so make sure you can stop.
Lorencia Chigweshe '11: During my time here at Mount Holyoke, I enjoyed being part of
the Class Board. I was on the Class Board during my sophomore year and my junior year,
and it was a really good way to connect with the class and the College, and
I highly recommend that to other students.
Nell Maynard '14: My mom told me that before I graduate I absolutely must take a semester
of golf. And I don't know if I'm going to do that, but I feel like before everyone
graduates from Mount Holyoke, she should make sure that she jumps in Upper Lake, at least once.
Courtney O'Connell '12: Before I graduate I'd like to go swimming in the lake.
Susannah Hufford '13: Before graduation I would really like to go swimming in the lake sometime.
Laine Winokur '12: I would not recommend jumping in the lake, because there are lots of creepy
creatures in there, but I would recommend being an Orientation leader because it's a
lot of fun and you learn a lot and get to meet a lot of amazing people.
Anna Maria Amoroso FP '13: I would highly recommend seeing a play before you finish
your Mount Holyoke experience because they are just excellent. I saw one called
Play Dead, and it was written by a Mount Holyoke student. It was just a really
wonderful experience, seeing it put on by an all-female cast and watching them
interpret the male characters. Scarlett Montenegro '14: I've really enjoyed
my Intro to Sociology course. Before coming here, I had no idea what sociology is, and
now I'm majoring in it. So I think it was uh...a great experience. I suggest everyone should take one