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bjbjcTcT The spirit of Kartini continues post Kartini Day (21 April) as Australian Embassy
Jakarta held a panel discussion on the role of Gen Y women as leaders. Four inspirational
women from Indonesia and Australia were invited to partake in the discussion at the Embassy,
where a simultaneous photo exhibition was held showcasing Australia s contribution towards
providing better opportunities for women. This event was attended by the many women
who are considered to be inspirational and influential. In relation to the Kartini Day,
the four panellists considered to be successful in their own careers shared their experiences
and discussed the role of women as leaders in this modern era at the Australian Embassy
Jakarta. One of the panellists, Ms Ligwina Purwo Hananto is a financial planner and an
Australian alumnus. Ligwina, who is also a housewife, has tips on how to become a successful
Kartini in today s world. For her, the key element is time management. There should be
a balance between a career woman and a housewife. It is important to have a schedule says Ligwina,
I have had to learn the technique of how we manage our schedule. There should be allocated
time for when we talk about business strategy, go to the media, and to family gatherings.
We could even break it down, for example if we work for 7 days a week, how much time should
we spend on family, how much time should be spend for business strategy, how many hours
for operational and how much time for media. These four women achieved success through
various inspirations. Helen Brown, correspondent of Australian Network Indonesia, who was also
a board member for Australian Agricultural Women, admits that she received many inspirations
from Indonesian women. According to her, Indonesian women are capable of facing the challenges
in this globalization era while still holding to principals and traditions. and I ve noticed
in Indonesia that are many women from all walks of lives who are doing great things
from lawyers to mothers, to business women, and I found that the women in Indonesia are
very strong. It s a hugely populated country, and I guess it just needs to tap into the
strength that it has within its women. Kartini day at The Australian Embassy Jakarta also
showcased a photo exhibition of prominent Indonesian women leaders and women who were
provided better opportunities through the Australian development programs. These photos
also centre on the strength of individual women and a number of Indonesian organization
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