Scrapbooking Tutorial #9: Halloween Paper Gift Bags

Uploaded by Pages4theAges on 20.10.2010

Welcome to our Pages for the Ages
Halloween special!
Stick around!
On today's episode, I'll be
showing you how I made this spooky paper gift bag.
(laugh) hear that?
(Door creak)
Scrapbooking is the best way
to capture memories and
make them last a lifetime
But how do you get started without spending a fortune?
Pages for the Ages is here to help you out!
Hi. I'm Jennifer Neumann
and I'm excited to show you
how I made this paper gift bag.
What's really great about this project is
any beginning scrapbooker can do it.
You don't need to own a Cricut machine.
Um, you just need some basic supplies and
a little bit of time.
Um, you can use these gift bags if
there are some special neighbor kids that are
gonna come by trick or treating.
You might want to have a special gift bag
for those kids.
Or, if you're still in school
you could hand these out to your classmates.
So, there's a lot of great uses for a
cute, little gift bag like this one.
Plus, you don't have to make it in the Halloween theme.
On my scrapbooking website,
I'm selling these
wedding themed handmade paper gift bags
and I'll talk more about that later.
Well let's go ahead and get started.
Here are the supplies you'll need for this project!
Let's get started!
Your first task is to preheat your glue gun.
Go ahead and plug that into the wall,
making sure it's in a place where you
and other folks in the room won't step on it.
You might want to keep it
on a piece of board
so it doesn't leak sticky glue everywhere!
Next, take out a piece of cardstock and
we're going to trim it to
8 1/2 by 11 inches.
That is the standard U.S. printer paper size.
I chose those dimensions
simply because that's what
I experimented with and that's the bag size
that I came up with.
You could certainly make it in a larger size.
You would just have to do
the math yourself to figure out
what measurements you would need make.
Take your time when you're
time when you're making these measurements.
You want to make sure you're accurate
so your bag isn't all wonky
and it will sit correctly.
Once you've cut your paper
to 8.5 x 11 inches,
you can put your paper trimmer away.
For this next part,
we're going to be making more measurements
and if you're using textured cardstock like me,
you'll want to make sure
you're markings are on the smooth side.
That is, we want to make our markings on the
side that we don't care about;
the side that's going to be on the inside
of the bag.
The first measuremenet we want
to find is the center this edge of the paper;
the side that is 8.5 inches.
So, that would be 4 and 1/4 inches,
but, um, I find it's easier
just to fold the paper in half
and that way you know for sure
that you've hit the middle mark.
Now if you don't want that crease,
you're going to have to use a ruler to mark the middle.
Once you've found your centerfold,
you want to go ahead
and mark 2 inches on either side of the middle.
So, that means you're going to have a 4 inch gap
with 2 inches on either side of the middle.
Next, you can go ahead
and fold the paper on those markings you just made.
This is going to divide
our cardstock into four sections.
Now we have to make some
similar markings on the 11 inch edge of our cardstock.
I'm once again going to
find the middle mark by simply folding my cardstock in half.
If you don't want that crease
to appear on your bag, you can simply use a ruler
to mark 5.5 inches.
Once I've found my 5.5 inch mark
or "middle mark," I'm going to use a ruler to
mark 1 inch on either side of that point
and then, just as we did on the other side,
fold at those markings we made.
Just fold the paper back.
We are nearly finished.
our next task is to take out a pair of
regular scissors and we're going to make
four minor cuts into the bag.
It's much easier to show you
than to explain where those
cuts should be made
and once that's completed
you can fold your bag together.
Now we can begin to decorate our bag.
This is much easier to do
when the bag is flat
rather than when it's glued together.
For instance, you may want
to take out a pair of crafting scissors
to give your bag a decorative edge.
I didn't have a lot of time,
but I did some basic decorating
on my Halloween themed bag.
So, you can see the result here.
Notice how I didn't decorate the bottom panels -
the side panels - because those
are going to be hidden when I fold the bag together.
The last step is very self-explanatory.
Just use your hot glue gun
to glue the flaps down and fold the bag together.
Just a word of warning!
Be careful with your hot glue gun.
You can burn yourself with it.
Here's my final product!
My goodie bag is complete
EXCEPT I need to put some goodies inside!
Now, this bag looks kinda small,
but you actually fit a lot into it.
Here I'm showing you,
I'm putting in some tissue paper, homemade cookies, pencil, suckers...
and at the end, if you
make a little hole punch you can string some ribbon through
to tie the whole thing together.
Before I go, I just wanna tell you guys about my
handmade wedding gift bags
which are selling in my shop right now.
I spent a lot of time on these.
They would be perfect for
anyone, you know, who is getting married soon because
everyone needs to give a gift
to their bridesmaids or to their bridal attendants.
These bags are adorable!
They measure 4 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches.
They would be perfect if you
have a jewlry gift that you're giving to someone.
You can see I added some shiny curling ribbon
on the side and there's
an embossed pink heart.
It also comes with the tissue paper
as well as the bag ties so
you can close it up.
Now, these are selling in my shop at
in packs of 5, but let me know if you
need a custom order.
They are $19.95 plus shipping.
Thanks for joining us for
another Pages4theages scrapbooking tutorial.
We look forward to seeing you next week.
Have a Happy Halloween!