How To Unlock Blackberry Torch - Get All The Details On How To Unlock Blackberry Torch

Uploaded by khrisf on 27.12.2011

In this video I'm gonna show you how to unlock a
Blackberry Torch 9800 so that you can use it with
any sim card in any country.
So the first thing you are going to need it the Blackberry's
IMEI number which you get by typing:
*#06# Send
And the 15-digit IMEI number will appear in the screen.
This is a very important number, make sure you save it
because we are gonna use it later to generate the code.
The Next step is to go to the internet to
In this website we are gonna generate the unlock code
and we need to fill in the information of your blackberry
so once it loads up we are gonna go down here
and select the original service provider of the blackberry
This is the place where you purchased your Blackberry
(the place which is locked to).
In this case is Claro, Guatemala.
In you case can be AT&T, Verizon or any other.
Select Blackberry and the model.
In this case is 9800 Torch.
Then you fill in the 15-digit IMEI number.
This is a unique number for every blackberry.
Enter your name, and the email where you want to receive the unlock code.
When you are done, click next and you are gonna see
a summary of your order.
Make sure everything is correct, including the IMEI number.
That is important.
Then you click "Pay Now" and you are gonna be
directed to PayPal to complete your payment.
Once your payment is completed and received
you will receive an email within 1 to 30 minutes with the unlock code
and step by step instructions. So I'am gonna skip this step for now
because I already did it. So we are gonna go to my email
to check if we already received the unlock code email.
As you can see, I got an email with the unlock code.
Let's click on it.
It should come along with the step by step instructions.
There you got it, Thanks for ordering at Easy Unlocks.
Your unlock code has been successfully calculated.
This is the unlock code. This is the Blackberry's information.
And the step-by-step instructions.
So right now I am going to show you how to insert the
unlock code in the Blackberry.
First you go to:
And is gonna ask for Unlock Code. So here is where you insert
the unlock code we received in the email.
(this is a unique code). This exact code will not work with your phone.
It says "Code Accepted"
That means your Blackberry is already unlocked so that you can use it
with any sim card in any country. And this is the same procedure with
any Blackberry.
Thats all. Thank You!