What is Public Health at Oregon State?

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Public health at Oregon State, I don’t know.
I don’t know, honestly I have not used it.
Public health in general I would say is just, overall, hm that’s a tough question.
Um, I’m sorry, I don’t know.
Public health at Oregon State, I don’t really know how to answer that.
Uh, I have no idea. I really don’t have a good answer. I’m gonna go three for three
on this one.
Hahaha um I have no idea. Being health, in the public? I have no idea haha.
It’s I don’t know, being healthy, that was a really tough question to answer.
Hi, my name is Brittany Grymes and this is Darian Kauffman and we’re both members of
the Public Health Club at Oregon State. With these stickers we’re going to show you what
public health at Oregon State is really about. Let’s go.
This is public health because recycling is a good way to promote environmental awareness.
This is public health because it promotes students and staff to ride their bikes instead
of using non-environmental friendly modes of transportation.
Trees are public health.
Yoga is public health because exercise promotes a healthier lifestyle.
This is public health.
Oh look there’s another one, let’s put a sticker on it.
This is public health because having healthy choices on campus leads to a healthier lifestyle.
Making sure our buildings on campus are up to safety codes is public health.
Ensuring everyone is safe on campus is public health.
This is public health. Having the student health center on campus gives everyone the
ability to have good access to health care.
This is public health because having accessible entrances gives equality for all.
Condoms are public health because they promote safer sex.
Oregon State is now a smoke free campus, this is definitely public health because prevention
is public health.
Making sure our water is safe to drink is public health.
Using the stairs instead of the elevator is public health because it promotes physical
Providing students with a place to work out is public health because it promotes a healthier,
more active lifestyle.
Now that we’ve shown you public health at Oregon State, take a few minutes to hear how
it’s been integrated into each of our degree programs.
l Hi my name is Tammy Bray, Dean of the College
of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University.
Public Health at Oregon State is a big tent that covers more than 90% of the factors that
affect our health and well-being. Our signature strengths are in prevention and wellness across
the life span. Public Health at Oregon State is found in everything we teach, we learn,
we research, and we serve!
What does this mean to our students? If you are interested in studying healthy lifestyle
and behavior, such as nutrition, exercise science, health promotion – we got them
under our tent. Healthy lifestyle and healthy behavior prevents obesity and chronic diseases.
If you are interested in studying children, family, or reproductive health – we got
them under our tent. Healthy family plays an important role in children and youth development.
It promotes school readiness and reduces school drop out, and protects the youth from un-intended
pregnancy, and sexual transmitted diseases. Healthy family and relationship gives us solid
foundation for emotional health and quality of life.
If you are interested the bigger things, in the environmental, occupational or social
factors affecting our health, we got them under our big tent. Clean water, clear air,
social responsibility, and prevention of occupational injuries are important to the health of our
If you are interested in health care system and the policy, we got them too. We make sure
the health care system is efficient and our health policy is effective.
How about the medical field? Yes, if you are interested in going into medical care or other
allied health professions, we got all of them under our big tent too! Medical care is an
important part of a continuum to our health especially when we are ill.
Now you see, it takes all of us working together to ensure the health of the public, from children
to seniors to those living in urban or rural areas. I encourage you to join us under our
big tent as we continue our momentum toward becoming the first accredited college of public
health and human sciences in Oregon.
Public Health at Oregon State addresses two of the greatest public health challenges facing
our world today — physical inactivity and obesity. Our faculty research focuses on identifying
the benefits of physical activity for people of all ages and populations and helping people
and communities be more active. Students in Exercise and Sport Science have the opportunity
to learn how to better improve the public's health through physical activity within their
future professions.
Public Health at Oregon State means being on the front lines of injury care and prevention.
Athletic training students have the opportunity to learn and apply knowledge in emergency
management care as well as the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of athletic
injuries. Our clinical experiences prepare us to work in a number of different settings
from high schools to division one universities. For me, this meant interning with the NFL
and the Pittsburg Steelers to broaden my perspective.
Public health at Oregon State is learning that health is affected by the environments
we live in - our families, our neighborhoods, our work and social settings, all of these are considered
social determinants of health. We can modify our chances of living a healthy life by what
we do -  how we spend our time, who we interact with, what we eat, even the amount of sleep
that we get.  Students in Human Development and Family Sciences learn how to work with people
so that they can get the resources they need to live a healthy life.
Public Health at Oregon State is fostering healthy development and well-being for children
and families.  In Human Development and Family Sciences, students have the opportunity to
get hands-on experience working directly with children in early care and education programs
as assistant teachers or research assistants.  These experiences provide a strong foundation
for working with young children in school settings, and also, help make a difference
in the lives of families from diverse backgrounds.
Public Health at Oregon State is implementing new policies and legislation like OSU’s
new smoke-free Campus. Students in the Public Health major are preventing chronic disease
and promoting healthy behaviors through policy development, program planning, and increasing
access to health services.
Public health at Oregon State means a commitment to health, safety and well-being. As an OSU
football player, health is always a top priority for me personally, and encouraging fitness
and a healthy lifestyle is a great way to extend that commitment. In Health Management
and Policy, students like myself learn to use our passion to see that new policies ensure
public health for everyone.
Public health at Oregon State is helping individuals and communities reach their full potential
for optimal health.  In nutrition, this means helping bridge the science of what makes a
food nutritious and healthy to its application to one’s life. Another major strength of
OSU’s that we really embrace and acknowledge our diversity in our communities, to make
that information really applicable to each person’s or community’s own special circumstance.
Public Health at Oregon State is improving health by encouraging better dietary choices.
In Nutrition and Dietetics, students use the knowledge that we learn in the classroom and
apply it to the community with a hands-on experience teaching cooking classes on campus.
In these classes, we get to teach our peers how to cook easy, healthy and nutritious meals
that will lead them towards healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.
Public Health and Oregon State means we're working on creative solutions to improve health
outcomes using both medical and epidemiological techniques. Pre-medical students like myself
gain first-hand knowledge on public policy changes while continually focusing on the
health of patients and the community.
For our PhD and Master of Public Health students, Public Health at Oregon State is even more
extensive and includes degree programs in International Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics,
Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety, Health Management and Policy, and
Health Promotion and Behavior. All our students get the tools they need to solve complex public
health issues locally and globally.
Now that you have a better understanding of public health at Oregon state, I encourage
you to learn more by visiting our website or taking a tour of our college.
It is an exciting time to be part of our dynamic, growing college, committed to ensuring lifelong
health and well-being for every person, every family and every community in Oregon and beyond.