H+ Episode 22: Road Block

Uploaded by HplusDigitalSeries on 03.10.2012


Stay quiet. Let me do the talking.
Good afternoon, Father.
Hello, my son, is there a problem?
Where are you headed?
We're going to Bari.
I'm giving mass for a funeral there.
Who is she?
She's the widow.
Drive ahead. I'll wave you through.
Thank you.
MANTA: It's winter.
How are those vineyards growing?
Manta, are you okay?
I had a hallucination back there at the checkpoint.
I woke up, you were someone else.
I thought you were Gurveer.
The man we're looking for?
Another checkpoint.
Stop the car.
Matteo, remember everything I'm about to tell you.
Put the car in reverse. I'll step out onto the road.
When I close the door,
accelerate to exactly 35 kilometers per hour.
Count 6 seconds, then brake.
MAN: Hey, get out!
You'll hear seven gunshots.
After the seventh, drive back as fast as the car can go.
MAN: Come out.
They were siphoning fuel.
They would have killed us for ours.
Drive up to the tanker. We'll take some.
You believe me, right?