EMU Bruce T. Halle Library Tour

Uploaded by emulibrary on 27.01.2010

The EMU Library is located on the west side of campus near Oakwood and west
Circle Dr.
The entrance is under the clock tower.
The main floor is level one.
Here you'll find the Circulation desk, where you can check out and return
Circulation can also provide you with assistance with copy machines, payment of
overdue fines,
and other building-related matters.
Librarians are ready to assist you at the Information desk.
The Academic Projects Center provides point-of-need assistance with research,
writing, and technology to students working on research papers
and other academic projects.
University Writing Center consultants, librarians,and technologists work together
in the Center to provide project oriented support.
The Reference Collection on the first level is a great place to begin a
research project.
There are also computers in the Reference Area that you can use to
search for information online.
The Multimedia area has computers for working on graphics
and video projects and it's where you'll find the Computing Help desk.
Our extensive map collection is on the first level.
The stairwell on level one leads to the other floors of the library.
The public elevator is also located in the stairwell.
There are maps on each floor in the stairwell to help you find your way
The second level of the library is where you will find bound periodicals, newspapers, our
Children's Literature Collection and government information.
The library's Administrative office, which handles room and equipment scheduling
as well as applications for employment is also on the second level.
The third level is where you'll find the library's open stacks
and our quiet study area.
The books are arranged using the Library of Congress numbering system which
organizes books according to subject matter.
The third level is also home to the library's Archives Department,
which collects material important to the history of the EMU and the
southeastern Michigan area.
The ground floor is where you'll find a large computing commons.
Tutoring for classes is available in the Holman Learning Center.
The library's Auditorium is also on the ground floor and the Paradox Cafe has a
variety of hot and cold food items for your enjoyment.
The Academic Technology and Computing Services office is also located on the
ground level.
There's also a public fax machine and a vending machine with a wide array of
office supplies available for purchase.
Group study rooms are available in various locations on the second and
third levels of the library.
Since a library is a place for research and study, please follow the
posted rules for cell-phone use, food and drink, and quiet areas.
To find out more information about the EMU Library, you may want to visit the
"About the Library" section on the library's website: