How to Make Popcorn Christmas Garland : Supplies for More Christmas Garland Decorations

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi everybody, my name is Angela Pugh. I'm here today on behalf of Expert Village to
teach you how to create Christmas tree garland out of popcorn. Okay, in this segment I want
to show you some of the other little decorative tips we can use when we're stringing our popcorn.
Now here I've already cut out three little squares out of the material. They don't have
to be any particular shape, they can just be something that you have lying around the
house that looks Christmasy, but give it a cut and then what you're going to do is just
kind of fold each corner together like this until you have something kind of pretty. Again,
doesn't have to be real fancy. This is a fun job for one of the smaller children in the
house to do. It lets them take out some of their destructive tendencies. But just kind
of take it and fold them up into any kind of shape that you may want and we're just
going to start with about four or five of them because we're going to sprinkle them
in between the popcorn so we really don't need that much. But again, once you get started
stringing your popcorn, you want to have everything setting aside so that you don't have to stop
for anything.