Harlem Academy: Collaboration for Innovation 2011

Uploaded by rpirensselaer on 27.06.2011

Were you on Physics? Chemistry? Tell me.
Chemical Engineering
What about you? Over here, which one?
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
What about here?
Ahh. What about here?
Solar Architecture
I know you’ve been here a few days.
I just wanted to welcome you To Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
We’re the oldest university of our type In the United States.
So we educate
Engineers, scientists, architects
Artists in certain fields.
prepare people for degrees in management, And the like.
We have brilliant faculty.
Who love teaching
Who are very important to us
Across a wide range of fields.
This is a good time to think About being in these fields.
And the world and your country Need you.
And the good thing about doing Things related to
Science, engineering, architecture And so on
Is that careers in these fields Build on what is known
But they also
Are structured to allow you to
Discover new things
Or create new things
It’s always fun to be the first one to know something.
Or discover something or create something.
But equally important is
It’s rewarding and fun to do Something that makes a difference.
Even as you’re doing something For yourself
And careers in these areas, and the kind of work people do
in these areas is very interesting and fun
And it’s also a lot of hard work. I know you are used to a lot of hard work.
And, I just wanted to thank you for coming.