Get Around UTD

Uploaded by UTDallasComets on 26.08.2011

On any given day, Temoc can be seen getting around campus. He knows the best ways to travel
– by car, by Comet Cruiser or by bike. All over campus, Temoc knows how to park at
UT Dallas. This savvy student bought his permit online to save time, and he parks in the right
space ... he gets around.
Not even Temoc is exempt from getting a ticket if he parks in the wrong space!

he’s riding the Comet Cruiser to and from class,
or getting the grocery shopping
done using the Wal-Mart route,
or darting all over the Metroplex from the Bush Turnpike
Rail Station using his free student DART pass … he really gets around.

And when he
wants to get some exercise, he does his part for the planet by riding his bike. He has
his choice of more than a thousand bike rack spaces all over campus or can even use the
rack on the Comet Cruiser or any DART bus. He knows he can get just about anywhere by
bike … he definitely gets around.
He is TEMOC, and he knows exactly how to get
around UT Dallas.

So,... how do you get around?
Go to to learn more.