Warhawk Air Museum Pearl Harbor News Clip

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And Ernest is a member of Idaho's chapter of the Perl Harbor Survivor's association
and on this anniversary of the attack the group held its final meeting.
The Warhawk Air Museum put together a ceremony to honor the survivors at the closing of Idaho's
It had 26 original members that were directly involved in the December 7th attack, today
11 of them are living.
Well it is pretty sad for me because it is the end of a era. Is it kinda a hard thing
to have to admit not all of a sudden but over a period of time an organization like this
has no way to go except down.
Well Bob Coats was able to end the final chapter meeting on a high note.
He got to ride in this B-40 Bomber something he says that he has never done before and
he called it a thrill.
The national association of survivors was put together in 1958 and the Idaho chapter
was founded in 1966.
Such a amazing story you found today Casey.
Thank you.