Bob Roberts (10/10) Movie CLIP - They Killed Bugs Raplin (1992) HD

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Raplin: No poll will tell you the truth.
Corporations and the big businesses
That own the networks,
Major newspapers.
It's not in their interests to tell you the truth.
It's too dangerous to them.
If you want the truth in this country,
You have to seek it out.
You must be vigilant...
I will get bob roberts.
I don't need a gun to do it.
Then I finally found him,
Scooped up calvin, he had all the candles ready.
I was the first one to find out, though.
He's in that room.
I saw him in the wheelchair earlier.
He waved.
I couldn't believe it. I think he recognized me.
Manchester: Which room?
3 up, 7 to the left.
The curtains closed now. It was open before.
So how's the documentary going?
Well, I'm learning a great deal about bob roberts.
You're lucky to be spending so much time
With bob roberts.
I don't know if I'm lucky.
What do you mean?
I...Don't know if I really like him.
I don't know if he's healthy for your country.
Why do you like him?
Because he's righteous,
And he sticks up for you.
How does he stick up for you?
He believes in america,
Believes in making money.
He's not one of those sensitive liberals
That make you feel responsible
For everything that's gone wrong.
Have you heard about his connection
To the failed savings and loan
And his involvement with drug-smuggling?
Yeah, I heard about that.
That's bullshit.
It may be, yes.
It's the press. They always lie.
That may be as well.
Roger! Calvin!
He's dead!
He's dead!
They got him!
Manchester: Who's dead?
Bugs raplin. He's dead!
Bob: ♪ we are moving toward the great day ♪
♪ a day of triumph ♪
Crowd: Bob! Bob! Bob!
♪ in the mind ♪
♪ we are marching for the honor ♪