Compliment Guys at Purdue University

Uploaded by PurdueUniversity on 11.03.2009

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>> I'm Brett Wescott.
Hey I dig that shirt man.
>> Hey I like that brown hoodie.
Cameron Brown, I like your [inaudible].
>> I love giving free compliments
>> So do I
>> Really there's just nothing I'd rather do.
I like your jeans.
When people come up after they've had a bad day
and say thanks for a good compliment, that makes my day.
>> Enjoy the rest of that phone call and tell
that person to have a great day.
>> I think we brighten a lot of people's days and that a lot
of people are happier and in a better mood and you can't argue
with someone who's in a good mood.
I mean.
>> These guys brighten my day every Wednesday.
>> I like your brown coat
and you have a very nice pink backpack.
>> I like your Bears hat.
>> Have a terrific day.
>> They're so much fun.
>> Got a nice scarf.
Hey thanks.
Have a nice day.
>> This is a nice sweater.
This is a nice sweater.
>> The first day I wasn't sure how people were gonna take it
but it was a pretty good response.
>> That's a cool sweatshirt.
>> Oh it was just kind of shocking.
Like I wasn't even paying attention and they shot
out a compliment and it was kind of nice.
>> It hurts my feelings when people call me sarcastic
because I'm out here because I enjoy it and I
like to give people compliments.
>> [Inaudible] great to come out of class every Wednesday
and they're always giving compliments to everyone.
>> You guys are a very cute couple.
Have a terrific day.
>> They're always you know shooting out compliments
from shoes to your book bag so whatever they can kind of get
at the time they'll compliment you on it.
>> I like those shoes, those are spiffy shoes.
>> It's just easy to say what's on the top of your mind
like you've got great curly hair and I love your curly hair.
>> Are those sweatpants or are they jeans?
>> No they're corduroy.
>> Those are nice.
>> Very nice.
>> I mean yeah that's really out overall goal
for the whole thing just to brighten people's days.
>> Keep up the good work.
>> Hey thanks man.