Bi-Xenon vs. Single Beam HID kits

Uploaded by XenonSupply on 06.03.2010

Hi, my name is Phil and
welcome to the help desk
today we're going to be talking about the difference between
a single HID conversion kit
and a Bi-Xenon conversion kit
now the Bi-Xenon's are used for both your high and low beam
when your headlight
has only one housing
the single beam conversion kits are used when
you have separate housings for both the high and low beam
we're going to take a look at some housings here just so you get an idea
and the kits you're going to need to do
the installations
let's take a look at the different housings that the Bi-Xenon headlight
beams use
what we have here
is a 2006 Honda Accord headlight housing
and you can very clearly see that there is a high beam and a low beam
separate from one another
the single beam kit
would be used for each bulb
one pair for your high beams and one pair for your low beams
now a Bi-Xenon kit needs to be used
when your headlight housing only has
one bulb
one area for a bulb
what you end up using is a Bi-Xenon kit
that changes the light angle
to allow a low beam and high beam within the
same bulb
so how do you know what lights you need
for your HID conversion
you can go to
and use our online database
at the top of the menu and click
on HID kits
and for your car make and model
now we're going to do the 2005 Dodge Neon
click on the Dodge symbol
and scroll down to the Neon
now the Neon uses a 9007 style low beam
and has no option for the high beam
when you don't have the option for high beam it's most likely a Bi-Xenon kit
the most typical Bi-Xenon kits
are H4
and H13
if you're still unsure about your bulb type
you can email us at
and provide your year make and model
I hope this information has been helpful
thanks for watching