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Speaker 1: When you're in line I want you to keep the bodies nice and straight like
this. Stand in a straight line, lift your knees up, just lunge down to the door there.
Go, first line. Keep your back straight and make sure you're breathing. Next line get
up there let's go. Next group go. Come on [Rogan] join in the fun here.
All right very good now we're going to lunge backwards now. Now backwards require more
of what you think? Balance. Let's go backwards, try to keep your foot in a straight line.
You should not be walking like this a lot. Lunge backwards, stay in a straight line,
keep your eyes focused straight ahead. All right go ahead, go. Stay in a straight line.
Lunge backwards. Now when you're lunging just take your leg just a little bit further back
like this, see that? Don't start yet, give them a little bit of room here ladies. Now
a little low. They don't [Inaudible 00:01:07] move further
back. I know. Good. Next group get in there let's go. Line it up.
The leg you lunge with, you twist that way. Right leg forward, twist to the right. Left
leg forward, twist to the left, go. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Keep your balance. Go
next group. You want to create balance, go back like this
see? Lunge back, twist, eyes are always focused straight ahead. Lunge back-twist, lunge back-twist
like that keep your balance. All right let's go. Let's do it. Breathe as you do it. You're
going the wrong way there, twist towards your leg in front of you. Lunge back, straight
your leg further back again. Good. Balance and coordination ladies. Go, let's
go. Right to left, left to right, there you go. That's it. There you go. Go next group,
let's go. Stretch those handies, stretch those handies.
We're going to speed up the heart rate here now. Go, everybody go. Up-down. Go, next group.
[Inaudible 00:03:01] Go next group. [Inaudible 00:03:04], go next group. Push, here we go.
All you out there. Go next group. Hurry up, down and back like that, all right?
First your group, face that way. Go, take your feet up now. Go, next group. Turn those
hips, that's it yeah. All right, so we're going to do the same drill with some bands
on this time. Anybody their bands with them, nobody?
Keep your feet up now. Go, knees to your chest. Go.
Jog back we're not done yet. Now I'm going to show you an example of what we call the
metabolic blast here. Let's do you see this. Everybody spread out and face this way, let's
do that. Everybody spread out and face this way. I'm going to go through what we call
a metabolic blast. Remember I talked about when's the best time of day to do this?
Speaker 2: First thing in the morning. Speaker 1: First thing in the morning. Like
the old PE Class. Let's do some jumping jacks. Go! Get off that wall over there, don't cheat
now. [Inaudible 00:04:45] Pump those arms, watch out for your [Inaudible 00:04:49]. Pump
those arms, lift those knees. Let's go, lift them up. That's good for now [Sharif], shift
them. We're going nonstop here for about two minutes. Squat thrust, go.
Everybody up. Now just imagine this, get up in the morning, do 30 seconds of each one
of those, maybe 40 seconds. For only 30 seconds if you're not in a very good condition. Then
move up to 45 seconds. Move up to 55 seconds. Move it to maybe a minute and 15 seconds.
Work your way to about 5, 10 minutes doing that every single morning ladies and you will
shoot that metabolism way up there. You can even use weights. For example you can do squat
thrust with a medicine ball or a dumbbell in each hand. Now don't do it if you're not
in a very good condition. I've got 25 pound implement in my hand right
now. How is it going to affect my heart rate? It will shoot it up. How is it going to affect
my metabolism? Well it'll shoot it up. Working smart and hard.
Don't go to the gym and do cardio first and then do something like this because you won't
do it. You just want to do it. Do this kind of drill first then go for your jog, then
go for you bike ride, then go for your swim. Do this first after you make those core stabilizers,
get those muscles fired up. That's how your bodies are designed. I should have said this
earlier. Human beings, I believe this, we are brain with a body not a body with a brain.
The brain is the master control, your brain wants to protect you. Your brain will do you
right if you do it right but you got to be smart.
Now let's do a couple of things, we're going to do some core stabilizers. Now you've probably
seen this before, it's called the quadrats. You're down a mat like this on the floor.
Now another good core stable...this is in my core stabilizer video. One leg comes up
like this, one arm goes up like this and you keep your balance and you look at the ground
the whole time you're doing. Make sure you have some clearance there. All
right now get your back nice and flat. Don't have a round back. Lift up your left arm and
your right leg, extend your leg up far as you can and keep your thumb up to the ceiling.
Sticking your thumb up activates those deep, middle trap muscles more. Put your head down
to the ground]. I want a neutral spine on this. Look at the ground as you do this exercise.
Now change sides, put your right arm up and your left leg up. Look at the ground.