Interview with Na`Vi-Lightofheaven (english subs)

Uploaded by MoscowFive on 12.07.2012

Once again, we are at the second season of StarLadder. I'm with LightOfHeaven from Natus Vincere.
- Hi, man. - What's up,
You have already played like 3 matches. Have you faced any difficulties in those games or didn't even feel the resistance?
The games were actually quite entertaining. Everyone was playing like for fun. Nobody hasn't demonstrated anything outstanding yet.
- So, you didn't feel any resistance? - We didn't
- You have 1 match left? - Yes. - Is it versus team Empire? - No, it's Darer.
Do you think they will be harder to play against?
I think there will be a lot of action during first 25 minutes of the match, because the Slovenians prefer to maintain their attacking play style.
- Who's gonna be attacking? Both sides? - Yeah. Or those who will have most powerful heroes.
What can you say about the International 2? There will be a lot of Asian teams there. Do you follow their scene?
Not at all. There is absolutely zero information.
- What do you mean by that? You don't know how they play? - There are almost no tournaments, and no coverage for particularly Chinese events.
So, they're going to have an edge over American and European teams since they can watch your replays and videos from streams?..
I'm sure that they're now practicing really hard to get as much Chinese teams to the winners podium as possible.
- But don't you think they will use the knowledge of how you play to their advantage? - Of course, they will. The more you know – the better.
So, you don't seem to worry about it. Have you tried to find a way and get their replays or something?
We do only what is necessary.
- I think you clearly understand that Asian play style differs pretty much from Europeans'.. - It's true.
What exactly do you think they're doing differently, say, from what your team is doing?
They are trying to play really safe and are always picking the most safe and stable-working option in every particular situation for themselves. So, it's like a step-by-step play style.
Ok, so you said the Slovenians are playing aggressively while the Asians prefer the “safe” playing style. In this context, have you prepared anything especially for the latter to counter them? Or you're just going to play your own game and use the same strategy against the Asian teams?
For now, we're going to stick with our own tactics. If it works out – we will keep on them. In other case we will come up with something different.
Have you been already preparing for the International #2 or is it planned to be done after StarLadder? Will you show some tactics at this event?
So, you wouldn't be too disappointed in case you don't finish in the first place at StarLadder?
Our main goal now is the International. Everything else is just practicing.
Do you think the absence of strong European teams like mTw has hurt the value of this tournament much?
It sure has. It's more interesting to compete against the teams from different countries with different mentalities. As for this tournament, everybody knows everybody.
I have noticed multiple times that it seems like a common thing to switch the players between the teams as the stand-in's even when participating in the same league. Do you think it's acceptable?
I think it is, but there should be more strict rules regarding the selection of the players. Like in professional sports.
Ok, let's get back to StarLadder. You've easily won all your games. There is only one match left. Do you think it will be the same way during the play-offs? Some people say there is some PGG's magic involved at LAN's. What do you think?
I think many things can change. People learn 10 times faster at LAN, so any given team can improve significantly over a course of one tournament. Dreamhack proved mTw to be the perfect example for my statement, where they were changing so quickly and eventually became the world champions.
- So, mTw have impressed you at Dreamhack? - To say the least.
You've definitely analyzed the game versus them afterwards. Have you discovered any specific reasons for them to beat you?
We have. The key factor is preparing for each match as for the last one in your life.
So, it wasn't that complex after all? They didn't really outsmart you in any way?
Actually there were too many things involved.
Ok. I hope your team keeps on doing well in the future. The last question for you is: what is the secret of your team's success. You were dominating the European scene for a long time. Why are you able to do that?
We enjoy the game. We really do. It's like getting high. Makes us happy.
There you have it guys. It was happy LighOfHeaven who really enjoys DotA 2.
Any last shout-outs?
I salute all our sponsors and fans. Thanks for the support.
- This guy isn't really that talkative, is he? Well, I thank my sponsors BenQ and MSI who made this coverage possible. See you next time and good luck. - Have a nice day.