Did You Know? Cancer Survivorship

Uploaded by NCIstatistics on 23.08.2012

Did you know that more than 12
and a half million Americans are
alive today
who were previously diagnosed
with cancer
as children or adults?
Thanks to improvements
in early detection
and treatment,
the number of cancer survivors
in the United States increased
every year from 1970 to 2009.
Approximately 40 percent
of U.S. cancer survivors were
diagnosed 10 or more years ago.
Enhanced detection and advances
in medical treatment have
contributed to the improvement
in long-term cancer survival.
The proportion
of cancer survivors living
at least 5 years
after diagnosis increased
from 62 percent in 1992
to 67 percent in 2004.
Survival trends
in childhood cancers are even
more encouraging.
Five-year survival among
children and adolescents younger
than 20 years of age rose
from 77 percent in 1992
to 82 percent in 2004.
For many types of cancer,
early detection
and treatment can help people
become long-term
cancer survivors.
Cancer survivors can benefit
from engaging
in regular exercise,
eating a healthy diet,
and avoiding tobacco products.
Talk with your doctor
about cancer screening.