Parasha Shoftim letalmidei YESHUA (captions can be translated)

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Parasha "Shoftim"
Judges and officers will be given to you in all your cities
Deuteronomy 16 verse 18
"Shoftim" is judges
and that's the name of the Torah portion that we read in chapter 16 of
we have advanced into the last book of the Torah
We give glory to "YESHUA" for that, because
just when you start to read the Torah from the Book of Genesis, it is difficult to
imagine that there will come a day when
one will have finished reading all portions
and comment on them, then it is all thanks to him that we can do this.
the cycle of Torah, which is from Genesis thru Deuteronomy,
is made to be read more than once according to how the person can then
assimilate all the relationships
and all the instructions the Lord gives. This does not mean that we will
end reading the Torah in the time we finish listening to these
Recordings, but we will go on forever learning about the Torah and
as we move into new things in reading, "YESHUA" is going to reveal to
and then we will start with a prayer by giving the "Kavod" to "YESHUA" our
"Melech" our King. "Melech has malachim" King of Kings
We pray in your name "" YESHUA "", I bless you, we praise you, we thank you
for all you give to your people and for protecting your people, for all blessing's, "YESHUA"
for giving us places to sleep, to bless us with clothes
with food and everything we need for your beloved disciples,
Thank you because you are just, because you emanate justice, because you instruct
your people, to give us your protection and to our children, our loved ones
Lord our parents, our grandparents, you protect
us all
and doing mercy to thousands, to those that keep thy precepts, commandment's.
We thank you for that mercy, so great, that you have for your people, Lord
Lord we ask you to open a door of understanding
on this day, you will give us the heavenly thing's and come and visit us master "YESHUA"
With your Instuction's, your
"Ruach" with your truth, to heal, to release us, your people need you
we need you, each of us, we need to be restored each of
with salvation, deliverance, in our homes
for our loved ones, we depend on you
"YESHUA". You are our Elohim of miracles, Lord and we believe that
not only you can, but also want to work a miracle in our lives, and we
invite you to, that
You'll bless us "YESHUA"
Please come so we can be healed and be free from all oppression of the enemy "YESHUA". to be one in You
Lord, sow in us, Lord new truths that make us free and
that you bear much fruit in us, "YESHUA"
your people to be more and more united in your truth "YESHUA". Your truth
Advance in our homes and in our families "YESHUA", in our hearts
We invite you Lord, to advance us in your Unity, "YESHUA", and so the heavens
permanently open to us
there is no one like you, we know you can do this and more, for You are
Mighty, we know that You are good and faithful and we adore You and
Exalt You, we lift up and Exalt your Name "YESHUA" the Messiah to be magnified forever and
ever, that wonderful Name above all names which we have been
given to proclaim and for all things in your Name
Lord, we embrace , we admire you for your mercy and for the work that
you have done in our lives
and Lord prophetically we see the works that you do in our homes
Lord, we Love You, Lord and want to be pleasing and Praise You
to be a blessing to You and we say you're worthy to receive All Glory and Honor
"YESHUA" our Elohim
Blessed are You, You alone are Holy our King of Glory "YESHUA" HaMeshiach
"HaKavod Hamelech"
we give You the Honor and Glory and thank you
for having heard this prayer
Thanks Master "YESHUA"
"You are Rebbe, Master YESHUA" "because you Come to teach us about your Tora
in the name of "YESHUA" Messiah. Amen.
for great are you and great are Your works praise "YESHUA" and
continue praising
as we read
there is none like Him
we're in the
book "Davarim" is words, things,
Deuteronomy, chapter 16, verse 18
and I will start reading
judges and officers will give for you
in all your cities Yhuh your Elohim gives you and your tribes
to judge the people judgement of Righteousness, not pervert the judgment, nor consider
and you shall not take bribes
because the bribe blinds the eyes of the wise
and perverts
just words
Righteousness, Righteousness, says twice
that you will continue to live and possess et Yhuh land your Elohim gives
to you
you not plant any wooden Asherah pole beside the altar of your Elohim, Yhuh
to do for you, not for you a monument, statue which your Elohim hates, Yhuh
Chapter 17 verse 1 not you shall sacrifice a bull
or sheep
there is defect in it, Blemish because your Elohim, Yhuh to Him, it is an abomination.
Let there not be found among you, in one of your cities, that Yhuh your Elohim gives you
Man or woman who does et evil in eyes of Yhuh to violate His Covenant
And going and serve's other gods and bows to them, or the sun
or the moon, or to any Multitude of the Heavens
and if it be said to you and hearken and inquire to doing well and the truth
being established a thing here was done that made the abomination of this thing in Israel
then thou shalt bring forth
et the one man or
et women or the one that ET did the bad thing
this evil and bring
et man to your gate's or et
women and stone them
with stones and they die, by the mouth of two witnesses or three witnesses they die
they will never die by the mouth of one witness
hands of the witnesses against him will be the first hand to kill him and all
the people then, put away evil from your midst
notice that this commandment, to stone the man or woman
who practice's idolatry is against the Ten Commandments, the
relationship is that the commandment in the Ten Commandments says not murder
and this is not considered a murder, this is a judgment that is exercised
but we are now free of this and do not need to exercise this judgment
because we have become slaves of "YESHUA", but notice that the Tora
provides for the death penalty for some things that are serious
that might not seem serious to the values today, that society has now
in Latin America, perhaps Israel, the United States does not seem
worshiping idols to be a serious state, but in the eyes of the Lord it is. And believe me
know our Elohim of justice, knows what is bad and what is good
The Lord gives this instruction because this is one thing he hates, now
instruction requires that the
witnesses must be two or three, and witnesses are the first
to start stoning people who they blame, then that also helps
so people do not come out as false witnesses
because if the person wants to be a false witness then, not only
has that sin above, but also has to go and be responsible for the death
of people he would accuse, then in that way it is
also to stop the abuse of this and also stops the course of by only one.
the fact that there have to be two or three witnesses for
the death penalty, which it is called today, is in the Tora but with certain
and the first condition is to have two or three witnesses and the second condition
is that the same witnesses who will begin to kill the people and
also the third condition is that all the people in this case, go and
stone the person. Verse eight, that he is being difficult from you to matter for judgement
between blood to blood, from lawsuit to lawsuit between wound and wound
cases of contention in your gates, judgments and then arise and go up to the place
your Elohim will choose, Yhuh
and go to the Levites the priests to judge the one's in
those days
and to inquire
and they shall answer
et judgment of the trial and do According to the decision to declare what they tell you
A place for you the one which he will choose Yhuh, to observe and do everything he
indicate to you on agreeing with the Tora.
they direct you
on the judgment to say to you
do not turn away from the Word, judgment declaring to you to the
right or left
and the man who acts presumptuously without obeying the priest who is to
Yhuh, minister there, to your Elohim, or the judge
then the one, the man he shall die and will put away evil from Israel, and all
the people shall hear and be afraid, fear and not do arrogantly any more. Then Elohim
establishes the Levites
and judges as it say's here
for if the judgments are difficult and the son's of
Israel ask in a case that there be a trial that is difficult
He will lead them to go to the place where the Lord decides to put his Name
Submit the case to the Levite or the judge
and submit to
the verdict
Sin without judgment of them, now, today, how would this apply?
Levites have no function here in Jerusalem, not in the service of
temple in Jerusalem, there may be Levites in Jerusalem
it still works but works differently, for those who have recognized
"YESHUA" as judge
for those who have recognized "YESHUA" as a judge, if you have not done that
This is the moment, say that together with me brother: "YESHUA" I receive you, I will you
and I acknowledge You my judge, only then.
Then discern to
understand when the Lord is judging you through a
has been planted in your heart in this second, in the Name of "YESHUA"
if you have a difficult case and Elohim Himself
has decided it or wants you to go,
to the justice of men, even
then you follow the direction that the Lord has given, so we have to
pray in all things, and what the judge will decide
will be
what you have received of the Lord's judgment, so it can work in another way.
So if you have a difficult situation and suddenly you do not know
what to do and go to a brother
and explain what the situation is, and the brother gives the Lord's judgment, by discernment
be sensitive to that, that you understand the Lord's judgment and
to know what to do through the Brother
to discern what, He, "YESHUA" is speaking through the
brother, to accept judgment, to undergo. the Lord here warns
in verse 12 of chapter 17 that the person proudly, arrogantly
who will not hearken to
the priest in this case, well you tell me, if we have no priest. True, we do not
know who is a priest but
the Lord knows and
believe me He can use
anyone to exercise judgment in the life of another brother
the point is that we submit to Him and confess to "YESHUA" as our
Righteous Judge, and submit to His judgments when a person operates through Him
This instruction is
unfashionable this instruction
is present today
and warning that
to submit to the judgment of the Lord will be done through the
Levite or the priest or the judge, then the end is here, the Lord
is warning something and not words that passed away for thousands of
but today when "YESHUA" talks
through a brother like you have to undergo in Judgement and I
I have to undergo, dear brothers
and even before that. I want to continue reading
but add something about what he said before in chapter 17 verse 3 where the Lord
warns against
Bowing and worship to the sun, the moon and the sky. Then my
warning on this is, these are spiritual powers and
Dark is the evil itself, the enemy operates with these things and today in our
modern western society, I will not talk about
Africa which is another type of the enemy
in many ways, but society
dominated by a humanistic spirit
and science and all are kind's of spirits, then
worshiping the sun or the moon or the stars or the sky is somewhat
even if it
may seem stupid
to do is the humanistic spirit
or same with science. How a person can fall down and worship a certain thing ...
Is it not? then
making this comparison is to show
these spirits and the effect's on society, society allows us to
do these things in rather general terms, but the enemy is deceiving
people. To love differently
the stars, the sun
the moon and does so through things that have to do with science, with
Humanism, or medicine, or logic
then today we see that in these type's of Western societies are
given much humanism in them to worship the stars, the stars of the celestial things
through science
by astronomy, and you can see many times that in some households
for example in some home's some people have posters on the wall
of the stars
the sky, and that's the way the enemy work's to bring
These idols in to reach to touch the lives of a modern society with
Humanism, and through science and similar to that which occupied people
in the past. the difference that people will not kneel in front of
Them, but be transformed by a spirit of idols, you can see that when they are
transformed becoming a passion to investigate this matter of the stars or what
happens in heaven for some people, then it lead's them into searching
them out and they begin to worship the creation
and not the creator and fall into idolatry about these things, and this one can
Discern more in his heart by understanding
These powers are still operating and that the Lord warns that
those who do this, and the harsh judgment
may be true that the way is different to the idolatry and worship is different
from the past but still there is that Spirit of idolitry.
Then "YESHUA" can set us free from all these things, we will worship only the
King of kings "YESHUA HaMeshiach" and we will let Him teach us science
the highest true wisdom
I will keep reading verse 14: When you enter the land that Yhuh your Elohim gives you
and you possess it and dwell in it and say
place over me
"Melech" (king in Castilian),
like all the nations around me
King will put over you who will choose your Elohim for him, Yhuh
of thy brethren king will be to you, you can not put
foreign man over you who is not your brother, not he shall increase to him the horses
And not to return
et the
people to Egypt to increase the horse's
because told you, Yhuh
not to return by the way this anymore.
And will not increase for him women and not deviate in their hearts silver and gold
to not increase much for him and when will enter upon his throne in his kingdom
then write for him
Et copy of the Tora, look what it says, then write for the "Aleph Tav"
See? Then write to him copy of this Tora, Tora is
the "Alef
and the Tav "
is the Word, is the Tora
is "YESHUA" haleluYah!
then write for him "Aleph Tav" copy of this Tora, the book/scroll's
before the priests the Levites, and will be with him and read it all
the days of his life, that he may learn to fear Yhuh
your Elohim, to keep "Aleph Tav"
all the words of this Tora, and "Aleph Tav" statutes the
to do
so as not to raise your heart above his brothers that is part of the
Commandment, nor turn to the right or left to extended his kingdom upon him and his
in the midst of Israel, notice that at the time brothers of being in the
Elohim, He knew what would happen to the son's of Israel in the future
They were going to want to have a king like all the nations around, what they
wanted, the son's of Israel, interestingly we see here that warning, of the future king
not to accumulate gold or women or horses
much has been said of King Solomon and that King Solomon did all those things
that was warned not to do, horses and many women and a lot of gold, I'm not
pointing the finger against him
he had the wisdom and the greatest wisdom
but it leaves us to meditate a little on, when we meditate not to put our
heart in a position to try to justify or not that in
our hearts for example to think about
King Solomon and all the riches
King Solomon's riches, not that King Solomon sought
it, but it was given as a gift from the Lord. Then he accumulated gold, is
True, but it was a gift from the Lord himself. When King Solomon asks for
wisdom, it says that the Lord is going to give it and will bring you wealth
then things do not work with logic in relation to Tora
one can not make a judgment absolute. because here it says not to accumulate
see King Solomon accumulated much gold, then a trial would be logical
that he was doing wrong, no, dear brother
"YESHUA" warns us not to
because we have the tools, wisdom to pray correctly
the judge is "YESHUA" draw near to Him, it is always good to ask the Lord
what is your will
always look for good, but what is His judgment to know to the extent that we just be
near him. and if we look at the logic and only with our minds
somehow this shows that the word is a double-edged sword
because it can act to save, to redeem, to kill
Elohim orders all king's of Israel to have a copy of the book
Tora scroll's to read it and not raise up your heart
this to say that learning the commandments, the heart is not lifted.
Every ruler in each country should have a Tora scroll
Tora is not dated, the Tora
affirms all creation and holds all Truth, by the Grace of Elohim I managed to
transmit and carry Tora scrolls for Presidents
President of Colombia and President of Chile, these two countries have a
Tora scroll in the house of their
rulers. this is prophetic for all Latin American countries
and to
begin to walk the roads
and in the ways of the Most High
so let's keep interceding in prayer
time is short
redemption must come soon, we must submit it
into the arms of "YESHUA"
The Lord warns us that it is his people who has to humble
and pray for the healing of the earth
chapter 18 verse 1:
It will not be for the priests the Levites
every tribe of Levi portion nor inheritance
offerings with Israel
fire offering's, Yhuh his allotment they shall eat
and inheritance is not for him through his brother, his heritage as he spoke, Yhuh
spoke to him
and this
right will be the priests from the people, one's sacrificing
sacrifice the bull,
with lamb.
And give the priest the shoulder and cheek's
and maw
firstfruits of your grain and your wine and your oil, and the firstfruits of thy sheep wool
give him
because he chose Yhuh, your Elohim of all the tribes
to be, to minister in the name of Yhuh him and his son's every day
and when he is coming the Levite thru thy gates out of all Israel he
inhabiting there and come with all the desire of his soul to the place you chose, Yhuh
then minister to the name Elohim, Yhuh with all of his
fellow Levites who are there before Yhuh.
How beautiful this commandment is, brothers when the levite says liveth in
some of the cities and come with all their desire of his soul, to the place
Yhuh selected, then minister in the name Elohim, Yhuh with all
his fellow Levites, who are there to Yhuh, or always the Levite have a place to
come to worship the Lord, have access, haleluYah, this ministry of the Levite's
brothers is alive today
is alive
and those are the real
not just about being a musician, but for Levite's
as He has spoken
Who is a worshiper, a minister to the Lord, also a musician with his post
but not necessarily a musician is a Levite
it is alive today and is spread throughout the nations and is
Also in Israel
and remember that our own "YESHUA" also
is a Levite offspring because
recall about the relative of Miriam
They call her Mary in Castilian. Her cousin Elishiba was married to "Zacharias" the priest and
priests marry only within the tribe of Levi, then the Bloodline,
blood was in "YESHUA" a priest and also
Of the tribe
of Judah
and Priest, "Melchizedek," the tribe of Judah to reign, and the tribe
for the priesthood
and blessing remains in Ephraim
Hence the Lord gives the blessing halleluYah, verse 8: Serving as a share
they shall eat on
their father's income
When you enter the land of Yhuh that your Elohim gives you, do not
learn to do the abominations of those nations to
not be found in you offering your son or daughter in the fire or
consulting the cloud's
or enchanting
or a sorcerer
or caster of charm
Inquisitor or medium, or a wizard
or querier to dead
in Yhuh, detestable, all doer these
and because of these abominations the Yhuh your Elohim expels them
in front of you.
innocent will be perfect you with your Elohim, Yhuh
these nations because you desposees them to witches and
soothsayers, hear you not them
and you do not you like them, it is not allowed to you, your Elohim, Yhuh
matter of sorcerers and witches
is something detestable to the Lord
all witchcraft, all forms of divination, all mediums, is something detestable
for the Lord and that is the reason the Lord
deprives nations that were in the land of Canaan and brings judgment upon
them and use's the son's of Israel to implement this judgment removing them from the
Earth. The dark forces that operate in all these that are mentioned
here are real, are true because it is the only true "YESHUA" in
the name "YESHUA" can they be destroyed
most of the affliction of believers is not witchcraft
or curses of these
but by the removal of the commandments of the Lord, if the person
walk in the Lord's commandments he can not be affected by any of these
things but to pay attention
they must be destroyed
and discern
if someone makes a spell against a child of the Most High then he
can break it
And every demonic assignment against one may be
expelled in the Mighty Name "YESHUA" there is a part that we need to do
That is to expel the demons that may have been assigned by some
of these things that are mentioned here and also to break it off, in the name of "YESHUA"
I break it off, all spell's in the Name "YESHUA", and in the Name "YESHUA" also I break
all witchcraft, in the Name of "YESHUA" and that's what we have to do.
And about
this issue of expelling evil spirits, in the sense
That, it is
not something which we depend for a brother to do it over us
but that it is something we have to make it become part of our life, but I again
I say: Curses
come for disobeying the commandments
most of the afflictions of believers today, is by
disobedience to the commandments
because of the Blessing's and cursing's
to be cursed or blessed is something that comes from the Covenant
remember when kings sometimes
where the Tora scroll was read, one of the things that they would read
was about what had befallen them, of all the curse's spoken of in this book
Which book? Tora
I can see
most of the afflictions that are upon the believers
or those who belong to Israel
Continue now from disobeying the commandments, not all this sort of thing, these things are
horrific, and have some effect, but can be broken in the mighty Name "YESHUA"
however if you are not keeping the commandments and
keeping the Tora and the Covenant, then
some of these
things that can be against believers may be operating
without being
canceled due to disobedience to the commandments
all this coming out here and all witchcraft is not as powerful
compared with the power of our Elohim, who walks righteously and who maintains
will not suffer from bad, curse's
He promises that the Covenant
Now let's read
verse 15, where the Lord promises a prophet:
Prophets from among you, from your brothers like me, raise up for you Yhuh
your Elohim
will hear. Who is writing this is Moshe
and he is saying the same Elohim will raise up a prophet Him you shall hear, as
like everything you asked for with Yhuh your Elohim in Horeb in the day
Assembly saying not I shall add to, to
hear of "Alef"
Yhuh voice my Elohim
See what it says here? not continue to hear "Aleph Tav"
the people did not want to hear more voice "Aleph Tav"
Elohim's voice, the voice of "YESHUA"
then it says not follow here to hear "Aleph Tav"
Yhuh voice my Elohim
and et the great fire on this see no more and not die
and told me Yhuh
is good what they say, raise up for them a prophet from among their
brothers like you and give my words in his mouth
and He speak's them "Aleph Tav"
everything I Instruct Him
and the man who will not listen to my words that He speak's in my name
I will require it of him
remember "YESHUA" said
I came in the Name of My
This is a great mystery, the great revelation of the unity of Elohim is to
Understand that it
is the same or is the same as "Ab"
is the same "Ben"
the same Father is the Son, the same "Ruach" because Elohim is one
because one Yhuh
that is the great revelation, He speaks in one way or another
and how His speech is not absolute
not understandable to many but that one believe
and to understand it, we must believe as "" YESHUA "" himself has
Shown, then the prophet
to be lifted is Elohim, to raise himself, who is "YESHUA" the "Alef and the Tav"
and talk to them the "Aleph Tav"
This is the prophet like Moses
in which resembles
"YESHUA" Moshe
as it says
What was special about Moses? Moshe taught the Lord's commandments
why it says a prophet like Moses
Lord tells you like
A Moses
like Moses who came to teach the commandments, that is why the Lord himself continues
"YESHUA" teaching us the commandments, there in Matthew 5:17, first
to keep these commandments and very small and greatest will teach others
called on to be in Unity in the Torah, what it talks about, we have become disconnected through
the root of the Torah, the commandments
teaching's of "YESHUA" is for those who knew the commandments
then why it is necessary to know the Tora first and then
hear the word of "YESHUA"
Remember the example I always give: The rich man runs and kneel's
before "YESHUA" and says:
Master? Must I do to have eternal life?
Keep the commandments says the Lord. now "YESHUA" gives the example of the
parable of Lazarus ("Eleazar" is said in Hebrew) and the rich man
remember the parable is that there was a rich man and a poor
Eleazar he is called, then the poor man dies and is carried by the angels to heaven
and the rich man die's and appears in Hell
and while there
pleading he can see far away,
Eleazar and can see Abraham and the rich man's request
was to Eleazar to send a message to
where his brothers were, say's he had five brothers,
lest they come to the place of torture then what were the
words of "YESHUA" Messiah
says "YESHUA" They have Moshe
and the prophets who they need to hear
them, said "YESHUA", it is a parable about Abraham,
out of the mouth of "YESHUA" saying: "They have Moshe
and the prophets"
listen to them,
if we do not listen to them, they will not listen even if someone rises from the
Beloved you know, in recent times many
people have risen from the dead and brought exactly the
same message ... few
brothers I know about 4 or 5 different cases of brothers from different places in
the world who have been dead for different reasons, whether accidents
Or whether the Lord himself has taken his life to visit hell
to visit heaven and brought the message and what they have described and
that they warn you the words of "YESHUA" what He say's about
Moses and the prophets that we listen to them, "YESHUA" is telling us
that if we listen to Moses and the prophets, then we're not going to
and this is the time where we need to open our eyes, to understand and to
the words and teachings of "YESHUA" are different
teachings than of Christianity, "YESHUA" came to teach the Tora
such as Moshe. why
the same Elohim tells Moshe that He will raise a prophet like him, like Moses
as in the Tora that Moses teache's
and will raise a prophet who is "YESHUA" the Messiah of Israel and he meets, and fulfill's this
Prophecy of the prophet, and that is why "YESHUA" is our Prophet and we also
are to recognize "YESHUA" as our
Prophet, remember the Samaritan woman says to "YESHUA": you
are a prophet. "YESHUA" is the prophet the prophet promised is "YESHUA" Himself and
Moshe was teaching the Tora, the teachings of the Tora
are in the teaching of "YESHUA" and he says that to have eternal life
we must keep the commandments to the rich man and he says
that if we do not listen to Moses and the prophets, he went to hell as the
parable of the rich man and Lazarus spoke of
and why the book of Revelation shows that the saints of the last day's,
times are those who keep the commandments of Elohim and have the
testimony and faith in "YESHUA" Messiah these are sealed
they have all the blessings of the Tora
on them and that is why the enemy can not destroy them
because the Covenant with the Almighty
is alive in them and that's what you're called to do dear
brother, hear this
A return to the ways of "YESHUA" and discard everything man is teaching
just the words of "YESHUA" with discernment with Love
recognizing "YESHUA" as your prophet also because He is our
prophet like Moses and we have to say "" YESHUA "" I will confess, I receive
I proclaim you my prophet in the Name of "YESHUA" speak it now brother
that this relationship is restored, he not only is our Master, our Teacher
Pastor and we are His disciples, He is also our prophet, if
we want to understand and discern the voice of "YESHUA" when he speaks through another
through the function of a prophet
then we have to know that "YESHUA" is our prophet also
this can save the lives of brother's, and is not a game
we discern the voice of our Lord and discern when it is not Him
Speaking, My sheep hear my voice, know it
and follow me, so we are told "YESHUA" is our Shepherd, but
What about the Prophet? the Lord sent His gifts through the "Ruach HaKodesh"
and gave the gift of prophecy but it operates
by confessing to "YESHUA" as the Prophet
the same happens with the restoration of the relationship between a Shepherd
and the sheep, confessing Him as Pastor
Master and as well, between a student/disciple and our teacher, confessing
"YESHUA" as our Teacher, can you see it? then we thank "YESHUA"
because He came to teach the Tora and because we fully follow him
and discard
and not to follow man
this time, to go back to "YESHUA" and what He taught, HalleluYah!
I will keep reading in verse 20:
But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name "Aleph Tav"
that I do not command him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods
that prophet then die's and if you say in your heart as how to
know "Aleph Tav" the word not spoke Yhuh
when the prophet speaks in Yhuh name and not the thing that spoken not happen
word which not Yhuh spoke, in presumption spoke the prophet not fear him, that
one, let's talk about the
prophet or prophecy always remembering that "YESHUA" said
the prophets and the Tora came to the time of
the gift of prophecy today that is active in brother's
is not the same
as was in the prophets like Isaiah, Zechariah
is it the same gift or not?, the one now operates at a different level, this gift
but can reach very high levels and be very accurate
when a brother
speaks a prophecy
from the Lord first of all
the words of the Lord often
speak's in celestial terms and one must pray to deploy it. "YESHUA"
the word that He has spoken is open
and can be understood and the message can be received
often. many of the brothers
who have the gift of prophecy and many who do not, but that the Lord
sometimes operates thru them delivering a prophecy and happens to hear a
unclean spirit and this can lead
to prophesy a lie, or even to prophesy
a truth because there are things that the enemy knows
that are supernatural, or the person says something supernaturally
is going to happen and it happens, when it happens, the prophecy
the prophet speaks, may not necessarily mean that the Lord spoke it
and yes I've heard, sometimes strange spirits
reveal things
and talk things
unknown to man
While not everything supernatural is of the Lord, dear brothers
about whether or not what you said is the brother or the prophet, but
approach to discern the voice of "the Prophet" if it is "YESHUA" our prophet
all with different gifts and brothers have made mistakes
and prophesy some thing's
spiritually heard from
a demon instead of the Lord and
is very common
within the household of faith
and how it is quite simple, to get out of this circle is that all
recognize "YESHUA" as pastor, prophet, and teacher and one is also trying the
spirits when listening to the
then you have to ask, commanding the voice to reveal what is his name
and the answer must be "YESHUA" Brother, if not "YESHUA" respond's each time it is
not the Lord
talking, what can be, then also the message may be delivered
an angel
because there are angel messengers who can bring messages then
If you ask what is the name, and the name is the name of a
You may order to it
and also ask in the name of "YESHUA" and can ask
that one who speaks, the spirit, who is their Lord
So: I command you to tell me what's your name in the name "YESHUA" when you
hear a prophetic voice, which seems to prophecy, and you can discern and
I command you to say do not lie in the name of "YESHUA" and if you hear the name of
some angel you can ask
I command you in the name of "YESHUA" tell me who is your Lord
and if he recognize's the voice of "YESHUA" it is no longer necessary to
because we've known and recognized His
of our Prophet "YESHUA"
this should be natural for us, we ought to understand this
perfectly and naturally
and we should all be in the same agreement on this
discerning and expelling foreign spirits
and leaving only the angels of the Lord and "Ruach HaKodesh" operating in
but yes paying attention that there is no spirit of
lack of faith or doubt in us, because it is impossible to believe the Lord when He
speak's if we are under the dominion of a spirit of unbelief or doubt
then to discern whether a prophetic word comes from "YESHUA" or not
He give's us some tools
but we also need to take care and have knowledge and wisdom to
discern. we can not use the same rule's forever, brother's because I hear a
strange spirit, none of the
brothers that are in the operations of the "Ruach HaKodesh" that have been given
can be discarded because the prophets make a mistake today is not
the same as
in the old time when
it operated differently, unless the Lord will raise a prophet in the same manner
As the ancient prophets
He is Lord and can do so, we will not close door's in any case, we will not
put Him in any box but let Him be Lord and do what He pleases
but will not put any rules
that can destroy the very work the Lord is doing in a brother
hear his voice, His teaching
I will keep reading
Chapter 19: When your Elohim Yhuh, destroy
et nations Yhuh your Elohim gives you et their land and
eject them
and dwell yourself in their cities and in their houses, you shall separate three cities for
you in the midst of the land, that Yhuh your Elohim give's you to possess it, arrange it
for you in the way to divide into three et boundrie's limit of your land that He gives
In inheritance Yhuh your Elohim
and will be to flee
there all murder's, this is in the holy land because
out of the holy land, across the Yarden where they will
establish two tribes and half the tribe of Manasseh, then also
there will be cities of refuge
I will keep reading: And this issue of homicidal
fleeing to live there and who injures his neighbor unawares
and who does not hate him yesterday before 3 day's and whoever his neighbor coming in the forest
to cut wood and turns his hand to cut the wood and
blade handle and strikes his neighbor and that dies
he shall flee to one of these cities and
he live, lest the avenger of blood pursue after the murderer, that
enraged his heart and reach him on the way and stretches out and smite's
and mortally wound's him, and to him there is no judgment of death because not hated he
to him
Yesterday from 3 day's
therefore I command thee, saying three separate citie's for you and if
Yhuh your Elohim enlarges et your border as swore to your fathers
and gives you "Aleph Tav" all the land which He spoke to thy fathers to give to father's of you
you will keep
"Aleph Tav" all the commandments of these
to do what I command you today to love your Elohim, Yhuh
walk in his ways every day
then added for you another three
the three cities of these
and not spill
innocent blood in the midst of your land
That Yhuh
your Elohim gives you inheritance and blood be upon thee, and if any man
hater of his neighbor and waits for him, and rise up against him, and hurt him
mortal and die and escape to one of the cities of these, then
send elders of his city, and take him from there and deliver
him in hand of the avenger of blood and die.
You can see the cities of refuge brothers, but if someone is abusing this
and goes and kills another person then the person can not
go to these cities and
will be taken and given to the avenger of blood, that we remember
we not take
Revenge, because "YESHUA" himself says vengeance is mine, and we
we become His slaves, I repeat this forever.
Not your eye pity him and eradicate the innocent blood from Israel and
be good for you
no you will move boundry of your neighbor former one's, in allotment of you to receive
in land Yhuh your Elohim gives you to possess
boundry can not be moved between you and your neighbor, dear brother
can not move that landmark, this is the kind of Love that the Lord teaches us
this is a commandment of Love
we should Love our neighbor as ourselves and we can not move the
boundry and enlarge our land, when "YESHUA" says in the Tora and the
prophets it can be summed up in that Elohim is One and you have to Love him with all your Heart,
you have to love the
neighbor as oneself, then this refers to Him in the Tora
know His Love, how to Love
and here I specifically say that I can not know the limit of it,
that's Love
Verse 15: No one man will stand witness against a man of any crime or sin
every offense, offense throughout, any one sinning
by the mouth of two witnesses
or by the mouth of three witnesses shall it be established
this justice of two or three witnesses in
judgment is possible to lift up
the death penalty according to the Tora but
with two or three
witnesses it should be and the same witnesses
are going to take part to exercise the judgment of death, the
Commandments are repeated again and again as I read this, it appears
Again, the Lord
decide's to how it shall be, for something he did. Verse 16: If he rise witness
to accuse any falsely against crime
then shall all men take the dispute before Yhuh and
before the priests and the judges who are in the days of those
and diligent inquisition be by the judges to do good and if the one be a false witness and testifies
against his brother falsely, then do to him as he tried to do to his brother and
put away the evil from among you.
Look brothers,
Look, the witness
receives the same punishment
he wanted to do and
was put
on the person whom he was testifying falsely
law and justice. Verse 20:
And they who remain shall hear and fear and do no more evil like it
so there is no more among you, not your eye pity; life for life
eye for an eye
tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. I remind you that all this Tora and
this justice that was
set here is made in
accordance with the intention just read that the person who kills without
intention and the other, then there is going to be a way because he did not intend and
the Lord has a place of protection a safe city for him, do you see?
judgment is not the same and was Merciful
not rough, it is not logical, but if someone is merciful by
example, if one will murder someone and then go up to one of the cities of
shelter, then he will be taken and given death, why? Because the intention
was different this was premeditated
The justices today in the world are often much more harsh
and little mercy
Why this
justice that is
told us in the Tora
in the world is much talk of this phrase eye for an eye, tooth for tooth
and it get's treated as unfair, but the fact that Tora justice is higher
not the same
and is merciful
we have seen this again and again
Chapter 20: When you go into battle against your enemies and see horses and
chariot's coming against you
people more than you, do not be afraid of them because Yhuh your Elohim is with you, which I
brought you up from Egypt and will be when your closer to the battle then will
advance the priest and talk to the people and tell to
Israel, hear you, approach you today in the battle against your
enemies fear not, nor your heart faint and do not panic
and do not be terrified of them because Yhuh your Elohim who walks with
you will fight for you against your enemies to save
and officers spoke to the people saying
man who built the new house be released, go and return home
lest he die in battle and another man dedicate it,
the man who planted the vineyard and has not enjoyed it
go and return to his house lest he die in battle and another man eat of it
the man who promised to woman to take, go back to your
lest he die in battle and another man take her, and added
officers talking to the people saying
man whom the timid or faint of heart, go home so as not to
trouble "Aleph Tav" heart of his brothers
as his heart. and they finish talking officers to people then the
army captains appoint head's of the people.
Loving and Merciful Heart of our Elohim and Wonderful when there is
a battle, a war is coming and all those
which are in
these situations
they have built a house a vineyard or are to wed
they're not going to war. where have we seen that? somewhere?
man's law, dear brothers, there something similar there?
When have you seen something similar? What constitution? What law? What
that is the Tora of our Elohim who is Love
which this can be summarized in Love, Love Elohim,
that He is One and one's neighbor as oneself, that is the Kind of Love of our Elohim
and this is Love, these commandments are Love
This is a blessing that can be read
at the moment one leaves for some battle, spiritual as well, before going
verse three
Israel says listening to you today you approach the battle against
your enemies
lest your heart faint, and fear not if you do not panic
and do not be terrified
before them as Yhuh your Elohim who walks with you
fight for you against your enemies
to save
halleluYah! look that promise
Recall dear brothers, Deuteronomy 20 verse 3 and use it when you have
some battle
Verse ten: When you approach a city to fight against it, then you
shall offer her the Shalom and Shalom is to her if she respond and they open to you
then it will be all the people that are found in her
will be for you
and will serve and be in
Shalom and if they do not
and become engaged in battle then you go against it, the city and
Yhuh your Elohim delivers it into your hand, then thou shalt smite every male by the edge of the
sword, only women and children and cattle and all that is in the
city, their booty take thee and thou shalt et eat the spoils of your enemies
that your Elohim give's you. You will do to all the city's of distant one's from you
which are not of the cities of
of these
In other words, this instruction this Tora is for distant cities when is extended the
whole kingdom
he must proceed in this way, but verse 16 says: But the
cities, towns, those who Yhuh your Elohim gives you inheritance
not leave any creature alive
as I had mentioned in the portion
This is a kind of spiritual cleansing that is done in
a city where there is idolatry and witchcraft
remember that the Lord warned us
they should not have
Sorcerers or sorcery or divination or all such
because that is the reason the Lord is giving to the son's of
Israel this land because
all people who are in this land fell into that and for that reason a
different judgment exercised by the same Elohim through the son's of
Israel against the people who are settled in the land, to the judgment which
is given against those who are far away
because sin in
Canaan was very big apparently. the judgment's of the Lord are right, and are
we can trust them, fair trials He has exercised through
history and today He holds fair trial's and fair trial's He will exercise
quickly over all the earth
Verse 17 continues: But you will destroy destroy
the Hittite, the Amorite, the Canaanite, the perizzite, the hittite,
I command you the Jebusite as Yhuh your Elohim they not teach
you to do all their abominations as they do to their gods
and sin against your El, Yhuh
when you besiege a city many days to fight it to take no
destroy et tree with your ax, that you shall eat from it
he will not cut down
as the tree of the field, to be for you on the siege, but
tree you are knowing not
tree for food, cut it and you will build and will use for bulwark
against the city against you to battle to demolish it
Now I will read chapter 21 verse 1: If you died in the land
Yhuh your Elohim gives you to possess and was is fallen on the field not knowing
who killed him
then you shall discharge your elders and judges and measure distance
to the cities nearby
around the dead, and the city that is close to the dead one
and will take elderly from
the city that calf not worked before, not
has led by yoke
and take the elders that et calf to the valley,
not one working of it
and there not one sown and they break the neck of the calf there
in the valley and approach the priests the sons of Levi as they represent
Yhuh your Elohim the one's He chose to serve and bless in the name of Yhuh, and by their
mouths all disputes and stroke's will be tried
and all the elders of that
the closest to him who died
and will wash et their hands over the heifer whose neck was broken in the valley and
declare and say our hands have not shed et the blood and
our eyes not they saw. forgive your people who you have redeemed, of Israel, Yhuh
and confers no innocent blood on your people Israel
and be forgiven them and you cleanse the blood of innocent blood
among you doing when you do the upright in the eyes
of Yhuh
good, it is not indicating "YESHUA" here, that it is necessary to make
when people are found murdered
around our cities, the nearest town to where was
found the dead one have to intercede in this case
for the Lord does not attribute to the city
closer in His judgments
the blame for the blood, can you see brothers? It is
intercession that must be done and probably where you live
many are the dead that have been found around the city
and there is a lot, a lot of blood that cries out and you can sometime
enter into prayer and ask the Lord to forgive those
as verse 8: Forgive your people who have redeemed Israel Yhuh
and confers no innocent blood on your people of Israel
then with this
is finished the Tora portion "Shoftim"
end it with a prayer also praying and interceding for this what we
just read
In the mighty name of "YESHUA" first of all we want to thank "YESHUA" who has
blessed us with a portion of the Tora
for allowing us to enter into
your ways
in your paths in the old paths and have the Grace to be in this
time of studying and
We enjoy what You speak "YESHUA" your command's and to give thanks for your
blessed people and thanks for the commandments we give you all the "Kavod"
And all the many Thanks
for each of the instructions we have read "YESHUA", about how to Love
Lord about what things to do in certain situations, about your Truth
about You "YESHUA" we Love you and we bless you and we want at this time
Lord to intercede for each of the cities
where every one that hears this recording "YESHUA" where have
been much
dead that have been found Lord, too much blood has been shed
and no one knows who killed them, and we pray that in this second "YESHUA"
forgive your people you who have redeemed Israel "YESHUA"
and not ascribe that blood on your people Lord in the mighty
Name "YESHUA", to join my brother's in this prayer, Lord forgive, forgive
your people Israel and not ascribe Lord blood against innocent blood against
your people in the mighty Name "YESHUA"
proclaim the calf the "Aleph Tav" is "YESHUA"
and wash our hands and say our hands have not shed
et the blood of all those who have been found dead around
city's where we
and our eyes did not see, "YESHUA" forgive thy people of Israel, Lord forgive
Lord and ascribe no blame
thanks "YESHUA" Thanks, free your people Lord of this fault in the
Name "YESHUA" we do, and with this Lord we pray that a wave of your
Spirit Lord come upon thy people in the cities where my
brother is listening to this
where your children are your disciples "YESHUA" and bring a wave Lord of your
Spirit for kids, children touching them Lord, children
to grown up's
Lord and transform lives by your people entering in to new levels
Lord of closeness with
you "YESHUA", in the mighty name yours Lord, this time remaining from
now until the feast of "Sukkot" of Tabernacles "" YESHUA "" You cause your
people Lord to
climb, climb, Rise up Lord, to new levels of closeness with you
new relations between king and vessel's Lord, between Lord and
between Prophet
and follower,
Between Shepherd and Sheep Lord, between judge and sentenced, until we are established Lord
you "YESHUA" to transform us into
everything you have in the life of each one of my brothers in the Lord, families,
neighborhoods, in the cities "YESHUA" and redeem Lord thy people in this hour
thank you for your Name "YESHUA" is our
and has "YESHUA"
for your people in this hour
In the mighty Name
the Messiah of Israel. Amen.
"Shalom to Israel"
Peace be upon Israel