LHN - UT Students in Haiti

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>> [Background siren] On January 12th, 2010, a massive earthquake devastated Haiti killing
more than 200,000 people and leaving the tiny Caribbean country in ruins. A year later,
6 UT students working for 2 nonprofit organizations traveled to the ravaged country. Their assignment,
spend 2 weeks assessing the problems, prioritizing needs and finally delivering a viable solution
for recovery. >> We have a program at the university to
encourage our students to get experience helping nonprofit organizations in Latin America.
Here we have an opportunity to assist in trying to improve the lives of people in the small
village. >> We were able to go into [inaudible] and
talk to community leaders and talk to individuals--you know, residents in the community and to find
out, you know, what it is that they really felt like they needed.
>> The unpaved roads, it kind of means everything. You have to be able to get from place to place
in a timely manner. In essence, this is killing their economic system. It's killing their
health care system. >> They're having an opportunity to apply
their skills in an area where they can make a difference. I think the students got a tremendous
amount out of being consultants to propose ideas that could be accomplished in the community.
>> I think the University would benefit from more of these types of programs that brings
a knowledge to the students of the University that you just can't get in the classroom.
>> These are the kind of experiences that can really lend themselves well to someone
succeeding in an international business and really broadening the UT name.
>> I can't tell you how proud I am to be a Longhorn because this is a great opportunity
to positively affect a lot of people.