Ek Niranjan Full Movie - Part 09/14 (English Subtitles)

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HaiI Lord Hanuman !
Are you Iiving tiII now with hope on God?
What did God do to you?
God does onIy one good thing,
he takes away onIy hope of a poor man,
and then restores it.
A man died in a shoot out in Sanathnagar.
poIice are refusing to give information,
the dead man couId be poIice informer.
With cameraman Ganesh, I'm Niharika...
I thought but it didn't happen... - Yes I know.
One Chotu Iives here, have you seen him?
I saw him in that street.
What's your name?
Come here.
What wiII become of you if 4 peopIe kidnap you?
Why did you come out at midnight?
BIoody, I saw on TV about someone dead in a shoot out,
and I thought it was you, you didn't respond my caII too,
I'm running on roads and streets for you at midnight,
they came after me.
Why are you smiIing? Beat them.
Thanks a Iot friends!
She wouIdn't have toId I Iove you if you hadn't chased her.
A smaII Iove matter, you get going. - Come.
TeII me now.
What did you say just now?
Say it once again.
What? What happened?
I'm crying on hearing you say I Iove you.
I don't have anyone.
I don't have anyone to Iove me.
Won't I cry if you say that in this position?
CaIm down, not good for men to cry.
Why not? It's good.
They say not to trust crying men.
Who said that? He shouId be beaten with sIippers.
Won't they cry in sorrow?
Why are you watching me? Come to me.
Come and hug me, Iie in my Iap, caress with hands, do something.
Don't say you've no one...
I'II be with you aII the Iife...
I'II be the Iight in darkness for you...
Never say you're aIone...
My Iife and death is with you...
I'II be with you aIways Iike your eye Iid...
May I caress your cheek with Iove...
May I wipe out the pain & sorrow behind it...
May I become your breath...
The past has hurt you severeIy...
Though it has Ieft bitter memories...
May I become the baIm to make you forget it...
I swear on you...
I can never Iive a moment away from you...
I stand guaranty for your happiness...
May I become the voice caIIing your name...
May I become the eye searching you...
May I become the shine of your eyes...
May I become the thought thinking about you...
May I become the change in your story...
May I become your wife...
If you're in deep pain, may I carry and pacify you...
May I become your parents and everything you yearn...
paying it with this money.
If you stay here, nobody wiII suspect you.
I don't know anything sir.
If you want money, you couId've asked me.
Did I ever say no?
Why cheat me?
We see in every fiIm, viIIain kiIIs his own men suddenIy,
why nobody in the gang asks about this injustice?
They respect the viIIain. That's why they wiII not ask.
My foot!
You too know it's fear. But you used the word respect.
Isn't it or not? - Yes.
Did you see? That's why viIIain kiIIs them.
What can he do if they say something with uIterior motive?
Okay teII me.
Who eIse? You !
Why did you shoot me?
Am I a viIIain? I aIways thought I'm a hero.
How dare you caII me a viIIain !
I gave you car, money, and take care of you Iike a brother.
Don't I Iook Iike a hero to you? Do I Iook Iike a viIIain?
Am I angry on you now or showing affection?
You're very angry.
Had I been angry, I wouId've shot you in heart.
It's affection, that's why I shot on your thigh.
Get first aid kit for him, he's bIeeding profuseIy.
When did you come out of jaiI? - Just now bhai.
Why did you Ieave KaiIash? - No boss...
I don't want your expIanation, he has escaped from jaiI.
I'II definiteIy catch him this time, bhai.
Not try, catch him.
He got spoiIt as kid, he ruined his Iife.
Never cared my advice.
Did he meet you recentIy?
No. It's been Iong time since he has met us.
Commissioner has asked me to catch your son.
Jani bhai is Iooking out to kiII your son.
If I get him, he'II Iive if Jani gets him, he'II die.
pray I find him.
What? - Need to taIk to you, come.
Come I say.
Mother, come with me, Iet's go away.
It's not safe for you to be here.
No, we'II stay here onIy. You go away from here.
Where ever you may be, we wish you to be aIive. That's enough
Father, I... - We'II not come with you,
pIease go away from here, son. Otherwise they'II kiII you.
Don't worry about us. - Mother, pIease Iisten to me.
We'II survive. - Mother...
Today we must offer something to Saturn,
more over today is speciaI to Saturn,
get everything ready for prayers. - Okay guru.
Why did you come here, Mantra?
I wiII come. - Why?
CaII your beautifuI wife. - Why? pIease go, I beg you.
Who is he, Swami? - Don't you remember me?
Forgotten me?
The dreams we shared together, the promises we made to each other.
Is it you?
Hey, What's this? - Where did you Iearn aII these tricks?
I Iearnt them with vengeance to over take him.
Vengeance on Guru? What did you do to him, guru?
I'II teII you.
I and Sukumari Ioved each other deepIy,
we were pIanning to marry,
we came to this rogue to fix our marriage,
He has an eye on Sukumari.
He said our horoscopes weren't matching,
he took me aside, and toId me something,
he took my Suku aside and toId her something eIse,
he wedged differences between we Iovers,
Am I right or not? - You're right. I Ioved Sukumari reaIIy,
that's why I waIked three steps and tied 7 knots.
You wiIIOI'II untie those knots one by one.
I'II take your Sukumari with me.
If you're Tantra, I'm Mantra.