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Consider two astounding facts about our planet; First, by 2050, on its current path humankind will require
three earths to sustain its hunger for natural resources. Second, everyday the earth’s deserts receive so much
solar energy that less than 0.5% of their surface could provide enough power to meet the energy demands of the entire world.
Harnessing nature’s clean energy to solve our sustainability crisis
is the mission of the DESERTEC Foundation.
Founded in 2009 as a non-profit initiative, the DESERTEC Foundation is a global network
of scientists, experts, economists and supporters.
They recognize the urgent dangers caused by man’s dependence on conventional energies:
how runaway climate change could drastically increase scarcity of water and arable lands,
bringing increased risks of conflict within and between nations.
That’s why the DESERTEC Foundation promotes the development of a sustainable future
by bringing together civil society, governments and the private sector.
The Foundation’s ambitious goal is to accelerate the global transformation of energy production.
By making this transition, humankind can alleviate energy poverty, improve food and water security
and ultimately combat climate change.
DESERTEC’s vision uses only proven technologies already available today.
Wind, solar, hydro and other renewables will all work together whilst the world’s sun-rich deserts will play a special role.
The desert sun is such an abundant source of energy that concentrating solar thermal power plants
built in the world’s deserts could reliably supply 160 times more power than we currently consume.
DESERTEC’s global solution uses supergrids to access sources of clean energy where they are most abundant
and transport their power across seas and across countries to centers of demand.
As renewable power grows, our excessive use of toxic fossil and nuclear fuels will be drastically reduced.
This global transformation also brings socio-economic opportunities, including new industries and jobs in desert countries;
clean power to meet rising local demand; and desalinated seawater to address water scarcity.
Beyond energy, beyond industry, beyond politics and borders; the DESERTEC Foundation offers a comprehensive
solution to our most pressing challenges.
Help make this vision a reality. Become part of the renewable energy revolution
and together we can achieve sustainable development for us all.