Affordable Spring Looks: Repurposing Your Accessories (The Frugalicious Show)

Uploaded by TheFrugaliciousShow on 18.05.2011

BITSY: Hey everyone, I'm Bitsy Jennings, from the Frugalicious Show, and
today I have a very special episode, with a very special guest. My friend
Leah from Style Avant. Welcome Leah!
LEAH: Hey everyone, hey Bitsy
LEAH: Thanks so much for having me here today
BITSY: Now your show Style Avant, is all about the latest fashion trends
that are out there on the market right?
LEAH: That's right, Style Avant is a front row look at the fashion world.
We spotlight trends, we go back stage at fashion week, we look at cool
collaborations and of course spotlight great fashion trends that are
happening now. It's all about style.
BITSY: What a fun gig! Front row, back stage, that sounds like a lot of
LEAH: It's cool
BITSY: So you're going to bring all this knowledge to us, and you have some
ideas on how we can spice up our spring wardrobe with something that might
be unexpected.
LEAH: Absolutely. Today I'm going to talk to you about how you can
repurpose all your fall and winter accessories that you've got in the
closet for a great new spring look. The first thing I'm going to talk about
is jewelry.
BITSY: Jewelry. Who doesn't love the bling?
LEAH: I know! You can see here that I've actually got an armful of stacked
bangles I've got a ton of them piled on here. This trend is so hot right
now we've seen it all on the fashion runways. We've seen it on the red
carpets, at the Oscars, and even Michelle Obama and her daughters have been
spotted with stacks of bracelets so you know it's definitely hot!
BITSY: If Michelle Obama is doing it, not only is it hot, it's classy. So
try it! And I love how you have different types of bracelets stacked up so
they don't all have to be bangles or all one color or anything like that.
LEAH: Dig into that jewelry box, dust off all the bracelets you got and
start piling them on. But I would choose one wrist you don't wanna have
them on both, that's a bit overkill.
BITSY: Be like Mad Max, Wonder Woman
LEAH: YOu can mix gold and silver, you see I"ve got some sparkles here with
my gold bangles. Just have fun with it. That's the whole point.
BITSY: I love that! So now what's the next item from our wardrobe that we
should carry on into spring.
LEAH: Belts!
BITSY: Belts!
LEAH: I love love love love belts because they have the capacity to
instantly transform an old dress into an amazing amazing new outfit. RIght
now you can see I'm wearing this big chunky cummerbund style belt
BITSY: Love this belt.
LEAH: Over a blazer. But I just got this brand new blue belt, that I wear
with everything, and it's like I have a whole new wardrobe.
BITSY: Yeah I bet
LEAH: You can wear a belt over anything in your closet. A jacket, a tunic,
an old dress, or even a fancy cocktail dress. Instantly transforms the look
of it.
BITSY: So like a thick belt that you might wear over a winter sweater, you
can pair with a spring dress and it just changes the whole look.
LEAH: Absolutely, now let's move onto a topic that I know is near and dear
to your heart Bitsy.
BITSY: It's gotta be shoes, and if you can tell me that I can take some of
my favorite shoes and start wearing them earlier, I will love you forever.
LEAH: Yes I can. We're in the middle of the spring transition months, right
now. It's cold one day, it's rainy the next day, so how can you actually
wear those fabulous strappy open toed sandals that you love while it's
still gross weather outside? Why not just pair them with a great pair of
tights instead?
BITSY: You know that's not a bad idea. I have seen that a lot.
LEAH: It's a really hot look right now. Just start off easy. Pair your
sturdy black winter tights with a pair of heels and see how it looks. Or if
you're feeling a little crazier, you can go with a bright pink pair of
tights, or for a more elegant sleek approach you can get a lovely matte
grey pair of tights which I really love that look or you can pair with a
great lace pattern for example. Marc Jacobs does it greatly. What he does
is pairs a really bright shoe with the tights, it looks fabulous.
BITSY: I love that. So now what would be your final accessory?
LEAH: Last but not least, this is my favorite, the cheapest most instantly
revamping accessory out there - red lipstick.
BITSY: It's like a dress for your face. It really brightens up anybody.
LEAH: It is. And some people are a little afraid of a bold red lip, but
don't be. Anyone can wear red I promise you, it's just a matter of finding
the right shade for your skin tone. So if you've got pink tones in your
skin, you can go for a cherry red. If you have more olive toned skin, grab
a fire engine red color, and if you have dark tones, go for the really rich
deep reds.
BITSY: My favorite is Red Lizard by Nars.
LEAH: Ohhh I love all the shades by MAC, I love them.
BITSY: Nice, we want to know what you guys wear out there, so put a little
comment let us know what your skin tone is and what shade of red has been
the best for you, because you know we might as well share some of this
LEAH: And you know the best part of red lipstick is that you can control
the level of drama, you can go for a more low key look by just dabbing on a
little bit, put some chapstick on, you've got a great stain. Or if you want
a more glossy look get a red gloss and you have this awesome sheer wash of
BITSY: It's great and for summer it's awesome because you don't want to
wear a lot of other makeup so red lipstick with just some mascara, maybe a
little black eyeliner, so chic
LEAH: Absolutely.
BITSY: Well Leah you have been awesome, so much information Style Avant
will be coming soon, we'll have a link here so you can get a front row seat
and a backstage pass to all the latest fashion shows in New York. What a
great job is that.
LEAH: Thanks for having me Bitsy, I've had such a great time here.
BITSY: Thanks, and tune into the Frugalicious show for more tips and tricks
and how to save and how to look great! It's what it's all about. So cheers!
Thanks for coming Leah.
LEAH: Thanks! Bye guys!