Brailliant Braille Display with Apple VoiceOver-002

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Hi, my name is Sharon Nichols.
I'm with Texas School for the Blind
and Visually Impaired Outreach Program.
In this short video,
I would like to show a few more features
of the VoiceOver Screen Reader software
integrated into the Macintosh.
And I would also like to show
a little bit more about the Braille Display.
Now, to turn on the VoiceOver,
you need to press the Apple key and F5
with the function on a laptop.
And then, maybe, one more time.
"The VoiceOver on."
Sometimes, things don't work the first time.
Okay. Now, with VoiceOver on,
now, I do have the Braille Display,
the virtual Braille Display showing,
but the same thing will be showing
on my Braille Display.
First thing I want to show you is one of the quick features
you use on a Macintosh is the Doc System.
So, I'm going to pull up the Doc now
with Control option D.
"DMEX player."
And I am on this bottom Doc, and I can move to the right...
And these are applications that I can open from the Doc.
"Picasa Web Albums Uploader."
Picasa, if you want to make web albums
with your Google Picasa.
Preview is their text reader.
"Cubase LE 4."
I'm not gonna pretend to know what that is.
"Final Cut Pro."
Oh, Final Cut Pro for video editing.
But once again...
"DVD Studio Pro."
...the Braille Display is showing you
both on the virtual
and on the hard Braille where you are.
It's underlined the menu choice.
If I were to click there, I could open that program.
Let me find one that takes less time to open.
I'm gonna go back to Preview.
"Final Cut Pro
Cubase LE 4.
And I'm gonna find words underlined...
"Press Preview."
...and click that.
And that will open that application.
If you're not sure if it's open,
I'll go up to the menu bar with the Control option M.
"Menu Bar Apple Preview."
Preview is indeed open.
But since I don't have a text open...
"Preview a preference.
Service, hide, hide, show all.
Quit Preview command."
So, I'm gonna quit Preview.
"Finder. Doc.txt, selected Plaintext."
Now, remember to get to the Doc.
It's the control option on a D.
Takes you down to the Doc.
"Cubase LE 4."
But if you have a document or some folder
you want to open on your desktop,
you would add the Shift key.
Control, option, Shift and D.
"Desktop: Doc.txt."
This video continues.
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with Apple VoiceOver hosted by Sharon Nichols.
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