Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus Androidizen

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 23.07.2012

Hello everyone.
Here we are with the Samsung Galaxy S3
Running Jelly Bean 4.1.1
signage and mod 10 preview build two.
Just gone out this morning, or late last night, I don't know I just got up.
Obviously had to throw this straight onto my phone to have a look
see what we're in for.
Absolutely lovely to see this up and running.
Google now is available.
Not quite but hey...

As you can see, nice and fast.
Feeling the buttery smoothness
You need to be routed to run this, so you'll need to have a routed S3

Head over to the XDA developers' forums, go into the Samsung S3 forum for your particular region
Have a look
There's also a forum post up on the front page of XDA at the moment with
all the details. Currently not working is the FM radio,
who uses the FM radio anyway
and the camera is a bit flaky.
Obviously this is a preview build they are going to
tighten this up quite a bit over the next
couple of weeks.
But they said
it may not be possible to do this until Samsung release the necessary binaries.
As it turns out, it is possible.
So...this is 4.1.1.
Let me know in the comments if there is anything you particularly want to know about
On the S3 running Jelly Bean I would say this is good enough now to
do a few tests on and have a bit of a play with so do let me know if there is anything
you really want to know about.
Amazing Alex.
So now this is Amazing Alex
running on Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

No problems there, can't grumble can you?
Nice and quick going back to desktop area,
home area whatever you want to call it.
Very, very smooth
Wow, that's fast.
OK, here we are with Google now.
All you have to do to bring it up on Jelly Bean is you press and hold on your home button
You get a little Google pop up
I'm really hoping they'll let developers add to that

Very cool, if you can have that as quick access to other services
with Google.
Now these cards display information and over time the system will learn
various information about you, where you are
what the weather's like
journeys you make and it will then give you information
in here, so for instance, let me just show you
some demonstration cards.
It hasn't got enough data from me yet.
You can have weather, traffic
public transport, flights, sports,
your next calendar appointments,
doing translation currency,
Time back home from places and I think devs will be able to
build their own add ons for this as well, so you'll have extra cards made available.
The idea is to provide more context and
more kind of intelligence I suppose, around
the information Google has about you and your daily life. Things you're trying to do.
So for instance, if you're stood at a bus stop, you take out
your phone, click on Google now. It will detect you are at a bus stop. It knows that you are going to work and
the bus is running ten minutes late.
What are you going to do? Maybe it will throw up some walking directions for you.
Get you there faster. Who knows?
I'm kind of looking forward to discovering what that can do.
But also you can ask it
to pull up information for you
Shouldn't have pressed the button quite as quick as that!
What's the capital of England?
London is the capital of England.
Interestingly, it's pulled up a source from Yahoo there.
If I go to this one at the bottom
that will give me the Google search results.
How funny!
What is the capital of France?
Paris is the capital of France.
It's got that one from
So it must pull up from probably like the top search results maybe?
Yes, it's just grabbed it from the first results
which could be a boon for people in position one
What is the weather like in London? It's 17 degrees and partly cloudy in London.
Here's the forecast for the next few days....
Come on! Bring it on Siri.
I can't think of anything
Find me something on the internet
It got it right though.
Help me find something to do before I drive myself crazy. Well done. There you go.
i mean that's the basic
principle of it.
You've got all your various other results, down at the bottom as well.
And obviously it can draw on your Google web history
but the whole idea is very nicely done. The cards add
a certain something that Siri is missing. You know, personality, I think.
Looking forward to seeing how this develops over time. Something tells me, when devs get hold of it
and we start seeing this really fill out with new data points
it's going to be a very, very powerful addition to Google.
Hello everyone. Here we are with some Jelly Bean action.
There's something very cool I want to show you.
Look what happens if you
move a widget around on your screen, and when you drop a new one in.
See the icons
get out of the way
everything kind of
rearranging itself
No more desperately trying to drag your icons and widgets into a space
and make things rearrange round them which used to take half an hour.
especially with a very full home screen.
So that is considerably more user friendly.

That's interesting.

I swapped it over a couple of lines then, eventually.
Still, much more user friendly.
To get rid of a widget
Flick it off the screen and you can do the same with any icon.
Yep, and it's gone.
It's just so nice and user friendly.
Hello everyone. OK so here we are with
the Jelly Bean versus ice cream sandwich test.
So on the Google Nexus we've got Jelly Bean Android 4.1
and on the Samsung S3 we've got
good old ice cream sandwich 4.04
OK, so first off
Not a right lot of difference there, you might say.
What we can kind of judge from the speed there
pretty much the same.
Let's try going into phone. Wow!
Nexus is definitely faster
Jelly Bean wins on that one.
Let's try something like the camera.
I would say the S3 just had that, let's try it again.
Not a lot in it though, not a lot in it at all.

Hello everyone. OK.
So, a few people have asked me to
show you the Easter egg.
If you didn't know already, inside every version of
the Android operating system there's a little Easter egg, a hidden feature
that celebrates
there she is
the Jelly Bean.
Really these are designed as little technical tests
a quick and easy and useful way to
test out the various bits of the phone, like the touch screen,
the graphics driver, etcetera.
how quickly the screen is refreshing
you can see, really slick.
They include one of these in every single version of the Android operating system.
How you get into it is slightly different every time.
With this one you go into the about area
and tap really quickly on the Android 4.1
and up this pops.
You can see, lots of Jelly Beans.
It serves no other purpose really than
a little technical test
and something fun for you to discover on your phone. Jelly Beans.
Hello everyone.
first a couple of caveats
about all this
I've just got back from the dentist and I can't feel the right side of my face.
So there might be the occasional moments of drool while we do this.
As you can see, just look at this.
Jelly Bean!
On the Google Nexus.
they said they were going for buttery.
It's buttery.
It's very
very fast.
I'm downloading some apps in the background at the moment so there will be a small amount
of interface lagging with playstore but
generally speaking, I mean, if you look at this, this is really kind of ripping
Take a look at the
The new notification system.
You can see the way those animations are transitioning.
They fly out from the top.
Generally, everything is just so slick.
I mean,Google, come on. Round of applause for Google!
That's not just the lidocaine talking.
Ah, just
blown away.
Coolest thing though.
Let's do a widget. Widget's gone.
Did you see that, did you see that?
Let's do it with an icon. And it's gone.
Apple...I'm sorry but I think you may have lost the war.
You know, your interface is pretty ropey, in comparison to the beauty and
that we've now got coming from Android.
This is my wife's phone by the way, just before you start going...what are all those girly apps doing on it...
I've just hijacked her phone and upgraded it.
I'll tell her though, she'll be happy, she'll be happy.
I haven't had a chance to try out all the different features yet because quite literally I am geeking out here.
You're seeing this literally about 30 seconds after I do.

Oooh!! Let's talk to Google.
Hmm. Not quite, let's try again.
Jelly bean.
For Galaxy Nexus.
Go on. That's impressive.
Let's try something else.
Androidizen blog.
I didn't expect it to get that. I'm slurring.
Can barely feel my face actually.
Can't feel my face.
OK, I can a little bit. Ow!
Cure, for a slap in the face.
No! Not quite what I was going for.
How tall is Big Ben?
It is indeed, I think.
There we can draw up a web result.
What is the capital
of England?
That's pretty cool,
it's responsive.
Is it better than Siri?
Well, let's face it, Siri's not very good so the bar's not set very high.
Bit sluggish backing out there
Have to say!
If you've got a Galaxy Nexus you can route it or if you want to route it
head over to
You'll probably find all the details on the front page by now.
Big props to all the guys on there that got this ripped
odexed and up onto the web by about 6.50 this morning I think, GMT.
Absolutely phenomenal guys, absolutely brilliant. Rumour has it that the
conversion is under way.
They've got it booting on the Samsung Galaxy S3
although it force closes a lot but they have managed to get it working in seconds so
we should only hopefully be a couple of hopefully days away from seeing it on the Galaxy S3 and I can give you a proper comparison.
Probably, the next video I'm going to do an ICS versus Jelly Bean comparison video
My Nexus versus my S3.
I've got a funny feeling the Nexus is now going to be quite a bit quicker
in interfaces
Than the S3 that's running ICS. Just from what I'm seeing here. Wow!
It's seriously responsive
Let me know in the comments as well
if you are
trying this out on your Nexus
Or if you are one of the other lucky people who are are getting it for their general Nexus phone
not just the
Google Nexus.
Yeah, guys, this is just brilliant.
I can't say enough brilliant things about it.