geet 2 may part 1 WITH ENG SUBS

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today check the entire house.
looks like someone shadow passed by geets room.
just like a shadow in a mansion is your day. you got a big case! open Up maan sing khurana's secret!
where did he go?
i dont understand anything jugnu sing! my brain is not working.
take your multi vitamin first
where did he go?
oh i got him.
jugnu! this is a memorable day of your life. go get him!
now everyone will know how smart jugnu really is.
i got the thief!!
who is it? who is it?
let me go!!!
thief!! thiief!!
let me go?
did mama ji get maan? oh mama ji!
tej!!! sister!!!!
sister look!! i got the thief
now you cant say that jugnu doesnt do anything. now give me 500 rupees as my reward.
first show me his face. who did you get?
i caught you!
oh god!!
sister! give me my 500.
ill give you! first see who you caught.
dear brother in
mama!! you are going to get us killed. control! you are not the only one that wants to gets back at him but he is still the son in law of this house.
control yourself ok?
mamaji why are you after me?
look at your size and mine.
this is enough! you are always drinking and roaming in the house like a drunkard.
why are you after him?
im telling you for the last time..after this if you ever do somehting like this again no one will be worse than me understand?
you have made me crazy!
forgive me..
mama ji let it be.
what happened? theres a thief in the house?
leave it balwant!
mama ji misunderstood.
come lets go to our room.
lets go there was alot of drama
go balwant
yes jeejaji..
what are you doing here so late at night?
tej brother i was just..
let it be brother why are you asking him?
i need to talk to you about something important. come!
oh god if something doesnt happen fast ill definitely go crazy!
good morning
good morning
in my room? maan what is this? in the moring your are in my room and in the night you are in my room. what if someone comes? you go from here!
one minute geet. dont you get tired saying the same thing over and over again? looks like your cd is stuck. maan go from here maan go from here
if you..where did you go?
say something new
geet sister! i have to clean the room.
open the door.
maan you hide under. no no no sit. put your feet up. dont breath!
one miunte geet! what are you doing? send her from here.
yes lachi! come after five miuntes.
10 minutes.
after 10 minutes.
15 minutes.
you go
now you see? my cd wasnt stuck? now go from here.
geet..arent you ashamed? you are telling your husband to go outside? a husband is like god. and you should pray to god with all your heart.
dont tell me what i have to do. when my husband comes infront of me ill pray to him properly. you are driver balwantsing right?
this balwant sing's name is coming out of your mouth alot huh?
is there something going on between you two?
this is the limit! balwant im dying for you over here and you are asking me if there is something going on between us?
look please go from husband maan sing khurana he is an evil devil. if he sees you over here dont know..
then what?
lachi will come. go from here.
im not going to leave like this.
im not going to leave like this meaning?
meaning...understand it yourself.
ill give you your gift tomorrow. now go from here.
lets do one thing...we'll do it in the afternoon.
ok in the evening.
ok the day after tomorrow.
tomorrow is good.
now go
looks like you have also started spying like mama ji.
im sorry bro could you come inside? i need to talk to you.
tell me whats up?
dev what happened?
bro your in laws are making my life miserable. the servants even look at you in a weird way. they feed me as if they are doing me a favor.
and your sister in law nandini dont know what she thinks of me bro. whenever she looks at me she makes a face as if she saw somthing bad.
bro if you ask me there is a very big misunderstanding. i dont know what she thinks about me.
dont worry.
its only for a few days.once the matter is solved whatever doubts they have about you will be gone. all the misunderstandings will be gone.
dont worry.
bro..thats fine but.. stop thinking.
and listen i have to go.if someone sees us there will be another problem.
now open the door!
i dont understand anything. what to do and what not to do.
mama ji!
you scared me!
im not scaring you..i am spying.
if i find even one proof there will be a new turn in the case.
you are cleaning over here right?
no mama standing and frying puri's for you. i have a cloth in my hand so i must be cleaning right?
shut up!
talk as much as your size. if i put you on my hand and blow you fly in the air.
listen to me very important.while cleaning if you get any proof bring it to me. ill give you a 10 rupee reward.
you have never given me.
tell me somehting..what proof are you looking for? the thief from yesterday?
the day jugnu solves this case your eyes will be left open. you dont know about jugnu's sharp brain. what shes saying..
oh..what is this?
dont touch it dont touch it.
why mama ji?
you wont understand. this is a matter of big detectives like james bond.
wow detective jugnu!!
you came out to be smart!