Pasion Canaveral, Episode 1, Chapter 4

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Do you regret have chosen me instead of Amador?
Why are you asking me this question?
Please, just answer to me!
No, I don`t regret!
And you know I could chose him but I chose you!
I never regretted my choice
Everybody knew he was the best suitor in town
He is the owner of the most important factory in the city
And I...I am just a farmer!
I`ll never the same position of Amador
Who told you that I married you because I was interested in a high social position?
I married you because I love you!
I love you more now than the time we get married
For real?
Do you have any doubt?
No, of course not!
Fausto, I know you very well You didn`t ask me this question for nothing
No worries It is just a silly thing
Oh no, please tell me!
Ok, when I went to the garden I talked to Josefina and...
Do you need something, baby?
I want my good-night kiss
Oh, come here darling!
I`m so glad you came! Come here my sweet girl
Good night, baby
Good night!
I`m going to my office for a while there is some papers I need to see
Yes, I`ll be right back
Come on baby! I`ll take you to bed
Who was on the phone?
I don`t know
Somebody hang up on me
There is something wrong, Fausto?
No, nothing Why?
I don`t know
I am asking because your friends leaves before dinner
Tell me,are you upset because your dinner was terrible?
No, I don`t give a damn!
So what?
It`s nothing
Don`t lie to me!
You know you can trust me
Why don`t you tell me what is wrong?
Josefina told me something stupid
She believes that Margarita and Amador are lovers
That woman is sick!
Don`t tell me you believe her
Of course not!
But I won`t deny that her words made me upset
Are you upset or jeaulous?
I don`t have any doubts about your sister, Dinorah!
I know!
But I also know how jeaulous you are
You hate that other men looks at Margarita
That you can`t think about her cheating on you!
I never thought about it!
But what if it was truth? What would you do, Fausto?
How would you react?
I would kill him
I would kill both!
You are so dramatic!
I was just answering your question
But you know this will never happen!
Margarita is faithful to me
You don`t need to tell me
I know her! She is my sister
I think is better you not tell her about those silly things Josefina told you
You don`t have to care about what she says
You are right I`m wasting my time
Good night, brother
Get some sleep!
Thanks, Dinorah
I don`t like this sound, Vicente!
I don`t like either, Don Samuel so I called you
You did well! We need to check up on this machine
So stop working on it for a while
Yes, sir!
What is going on?
We need to stop this machine It`s doing an weird sound
Sounds like normal to me
No, I`m sure there is something wrong
It`s better we turn off this machine
I`ll call someone to fix it
This machine can`t stop! We can`t delivery the product late and you know it!
I`m not going to take the risk of an accident
I`ll remind you that when Mr. Amador is not here I`m the boss!
Not in this sector, Rufino!
You think that just because you`ve been working here you are better than I?
Forget about it! We always delivery our products in time!
You may be right but I`m still the charger of the machine`s sector
Turn off this one!
Yes, Don Samuel!