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Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.07.2008

Ok. Now we're going to continue decorating our pot. And, what I like to use, because
it's really easy, is just some various stickers. You can get them at a scrapbook store. And,
I'm just going to start taking these stickers, which are in the pastel colors that match,
and I'm just going to place them all around the pot. And these are really great. They
say "love" and "happiness" and just some really cute sayings on them. And there's no rhyme
or reason to them. You're going to want to just keep turning that pot and placing those
stickers on. They're great for spring and summertime table centerpieces. They're the
perfect colors for them. Oops. I crinkled that sticker, so I've got this one that says
"So happy". And once we're all the way back around to the front, you can also add scrapbook
stickers. If you have any three dimensional stickers those look really great too. And
now we have all of our stickers on our flower pot.