Fuel Up to Play 60 Press Conference - Super Bowl XLV

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Sam Bradford:\ \
Extremely fortunate as a professional athlete that I get to do what i love every day.\
\ I truly understand the importance of eating
healthy and staying physically active.\ \
I'm proud to represent the NFL and its longstanding commitment to childhood health and wellness
and to witness to commencement of the partnership that has the possibility to eliminate childhood
obesity for good.\ \
If you look at today's society, kids really need to be inspired. \
\ It's partnerships like this that will give
them the tools and resources they need to make the right decisions about eating healthy
and staying active.\ \
This past week I was actually at my old elementary school. The first time I've been back since
fifth grade, probably, for a Fuel Up to Play 60 event. It was absolutely amazing to watch
these kids and how excited they were to get active.\
\ I asked them: did they enjoy eating vegetables,
did they enjoy eating fruits, do they enjoy drinking milk and dairy products?\
\ And every one of them raised their hands enthusiastically.\
\ I know at that age, that definitely would
not have been my response.\ \
I think it's great that kids are coming around to make those healthy decisions.\
\ I think this partnership really gives us the
opportunity to expand not only in Oklahoma, but hopefully around the country, kids will
start making those decisions.\ \
I'm extremely proud to be a part of this and I really hope that it goes a long way and
spreads the message.\ \
And now, please join me in welcoming Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.\
\ [Applause]\
\ Secretary Vilsack: Thanks very much, I just
want to tell you the folks in the Midwest certainly appreciate your performance this
year. It brought a lot of hope to the Rams franchise.\
\ Certainly supported the decision the Rams
made in the number one pick.\ \
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm honored to be here. \
\ This is Super Bowl week, it's an opportunity
for the United States to focus on great competition between two great teams.\
\ As the President of the United States recently
indicated in the State of the Union address, we are engaged in a super competition with
the rest of the world for economic opportunity every single day.\
\ The question is which team is going to win.\
\ Is it going to be a United States team, or
is it going to be some other country's team.\ \
In order for us to win, we have to make sure the next generation of Americans is prepared
for the competition. \ \
Just as Sam was prepared to excel through practice and through learning the plays and
through being physically able to play the game.\
\ That's what we are confronting today.\
\ One third of our youngsters are obese or at
risk of being obese.\ \
These are youngsters who are going to have a difficult time being learners they were
intended to be.\ \
They may carry with them in to adulthood diseases, chronic diseases, cancers, heart disease,
diabetes.\ \
And with that accelerated or increased healthcare costs. \
\ And with that means the country can't direct
those resources to create new innovative products, but will in turn be focused on healthcare.\
\ Even military leaders in this country have
become concerned about this obesity epidemic.\ \
The reality is they are very concerned that we may not be able to meet our all-volunteer
military needs.\ \
That's why it was important for the First Lady and the President to get engaged with
this as she did with her Let's Move initiative. \
\ And that's why it's so important to have such
a powerful partnership that is being celebrated here today.\
\ I can't tell you, Commissioner, how important
it is to have the star power of the NFL and the NFL players and your office behind this
initiative.\ \
There isn't a youngster in the country that does't know the Sam Bradford's of their team.\
\ And to have them engaged in an opportunity
to encourage and be more physically active means a great deal.\
\ When you combine that with the power of America's
dairy farmers, and farmers all across the United States, together with, frankly, a CEO
that has more energy than anybody I've ever met.\
\ Alexis is really involved in this, she's the
coach of this team, she's going to drive us to perform. \
\ Dr. Satcher who is behind me, I will introduce
in a few minutes. \ \
He's really is the quarterback of all this because he really called the attention of
the nation to this epidemic.\ \
And doctor, all of us are grateful and thankful for your leadership.\
\ So what do we do in this partnership?\
\ Who's engaged?\
\ First of all, it's three very important departments
of government.\ \
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Arne Duncan the Secretary
of Education regrettably can't be here today. \
\ But they are parties and their departments
are parties to this partnership.\ \
You combine their efforts in schools and their efforts in healthcare with the agriculture
department's efforts in rural America, you have an extraordinary partnership.\
\ The First Lady's Let's Move initiative has
engaged people at all levels and is focused as is this initiative, on getting kids active,
physically active.}